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The Carolina Panthers tight end was drafted as the first pick in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Here’s how the 6’5, 248 lb athlete got his strength and stamina.


My training program has evolved from college to the NFL Combine process and now as a professional. The Indiana Hoosiers gave me the best training ground possible to enhance my abilities as a player. Preparation, film study, in season and offseason lifts and speed work made me bigger, faster and stronger every year.

After my NCAA career ended, I refocused my efforts toward Combine specific training to maximize my draft status. I worked with TEST Football Academy and Ato Boldon, a four-time Olympic sprint medalist and NBC track and field analyst. The attention to detail was at a new level for me, especially on the nutrition and recovery side. They gave me great insight on what details I needed to focus on to go from good to great. I’ve applied the same mindset now that I’m a Panther and follow the direction of my incredible coaching staff.

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The love of the game drives me and I want to be the best at what I do. My family has been a huge motivating factor in my life and I am inspired to compete in the NFL for as long as my body can handle the process. I’m excited to gain a greater understanding of football. At this level, the devil is in the details and I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the game and getting to know the trends of my competitors – week in and week out. Running out of the tunnel for our first game in my NFL uniform will be a pretty amazing feeling.


I began supplementing with CarnoSyn® during my NFL Combine prep process and couldn’t believe the impact it made on my workouts and recovery. Over the course of just a few weeks, I saw myself grow as a player in reps against my training teammates. CarnoSyn® helps me add reps to my workouts and recover faster than I thought possible. At this level, it’s a game of inches.

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Everything I do is with a purpose to get better, stay healthy and add up the inches to be better than my competitors. CarnoSyn® has become one of many elements in my daily routine that I feel gives me an edge. Being a blocking tight end with great hands and explosiveness enhances my value as a player.

The more versatile I am, the more valuable I become. CarnoSyn® helps me dominate the weight room, adding both strength and power to my technique on the field. The added strength and power also helps keep me injury-free and off of the NFL’s injured reserve list.


Life can hit hard at times. It’s okay to get knocked down. I’ve learned my biggest lessons while I’ve been down. Take some time to look around and embrace the lows. They make you appreciate the highs so much more.

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