carnosyn TRAIN If you’re looking for a competitive edge in your sport, add CarnoSyn® to your supplement regime. Its unique formula is proven to deliver increased muscle strength as well as working capacity.

American footballers, baseball players, track athletes and those who practice similar sporting disciplines are always looking for the edge to perform at a higher level. From experience, I have learned that elite sports are often at the forefront of research when it comes to enhancing the body’s potential to operate at a higher capacity. Once elite athletes adopt specific protocols surrounding diet, training or supplementation, recreational sports enthusiasts tend to follow in their footsteps, filtering down to wider demographics. Everybody wants to perform at a higher level and maximize their genetic potential, regardless of the sport. What follows are the findings of comprehensive research done on a wide range of athletes ranging from collegiate football players to elite rowers, and how this can benefit anybody who participates in sport and wants to take their performance to the next level. The ingredient in question is CarnoSyn®, the world’s only scientifically proven form of beta-alanine – discover how this one supplement can drastically improve the performance of any serious athlete.

Increased Muscle Strength, Peak Power And Working Capacity

Studies done on collegiate American football players found when combined with creatine, CarnoSyn® leads to a significant increase in muscle strength. Another study conducted on cyclists over an eight-week period determined that they were able to boost their peak power by 11.4%, with the help of CarnoSyn®. Interestingly, after 28 days on CarnoSyn®, a focus group of men demonstrated a 16.9% elevation in total physical working capacity, while the women in the study made gains of 12%. All of these statistics consistently convey the message that CarnoSyn® has the potential to have a noticeable impact on athletic populations, specifically elevating their ability to perform.

How Does CarnoSyn® Do This?

The secret behind the success of CarnoSyn® supplementation is very much linked to its ability to mitigate muscle fatigue. When beta-alanine and histidine are combined, they help sustain muscle carnosine levels, which is imperative to prolonging performance. When performing during sport, glycolysis occurs, leading to the breakdown of glucose into energy, which ultimately generates lactic acid. This is then converted into lactate that stimulates the creation of hydrogen ions. It is these components, which reduce the pH levels in your working muscles during exercise. The ability to contract your muscles becomes compromised because acidity sets in, blocking the breakdown of glucose. The significance of all of this is that muscle carnosine levels help combat acidosis, in turn allowing athletes to sustain a higher level of performance for longer.

Studies done over a 10-week period with CarnoSyn® demonstrated that athletes experienced an uplift of 80% in muscle carnosine levels, which has an enormous impact on fatigue during sport and exercise. Furthermore, HIIT athletes found after six weeks of using CarnoSyn® their fatigue threshold was effectively delayed, allowing them to go harder for longer.

Elite rowers found that within a 7-week window of using CarnoSyn® they were able to shave 4.3 seconds off their 2,000m times. The evidence is compelling for CarnoSyn®, and its ability to aid sporting athletes in their pursuit of improved performance, across a myriad of physical disciplines. Whether you’re an athlete who deploys a lot of short maximal bursts or more prolonged sub-maximal effort, CarnoSyn® has the potential to enhance your results.

Getting More From CarnoSyn®

Being the only scientifically proven form of beta-alanine in the world, the correct application of CarnoSyn® is clearly defined by more than 55 independent studies performed on this ingredient. The studies demonstrate that 3.2-6.4g of CarnoSyn® is the preferred dosage around the window where you’re due to perform – supplement with pre, post and stack to achieve this dose range. This will be slightly dependent on the sport you’re playing and the available windows of opportunity to consume your CarnoSyn®. Be sure to find a scientifically backed pre-workout supplement, which contains 1.6g of CarnoSyn® as well as an intra-workout formula which has the same. As somebody who participates in sports, it is highly advisable you select Informed Sport-certified supplements for peace of mind.

Earlier in the article, I mentioned that some of the studies were done with the help of creatine, which showed how formidable these two independent ingredients act together on your performance output. Not only will muscle carnosine levels be sustained successfully, but ATP regeneration will also grow with the use of creatine – combined this means your muscles are primed to perform optimally for longer, via several biological pathways. My recommendation is to use patented Creatine HCl because it creates less GI stress and absorbs more easily than other forms of creatine.

On rest days, keeping beta-alanine stores elevated with the use of SR CarnoSyn® sustained release beta-alanine is my preferred approach because I know when it comes to performing the following day, the body is not left depleted of this amino acid. SR CarnoSyn® helps sustain muscle carnosine levels at a higher level for longer, making it convenient for rest days where taking multiple servings isn’t so desirable.

CarnoSyn® Vs. Generic Beta-Alanine

The studies I have shared previously are strictly applicable to CarnoSyn®, not beta-alanine as a generic term. Many non-patented generic beta-alanine ingredients will make claims based on studies, which apply to CarnoSyn®, effectively borrowing the science for their marketing message. Do not fall for this because not all beta-alanine supplements are equal – CarnoSyn® is a highly researched, bio-friendly form of beta-alanine, which contributes toward its impact on your performance. For years I have personally benefitted from CarnoSyn® in my pre-workout and intra-workout supplements, as well as SR CarnoSyn® on rest days. Whether I am doing an intense high-rep bodybuilding workout, lower rep heavy-duty training session, long-distance endurance event or snowboarding, my muscular endurance improves dramatically with this coveted ingredient in my system.

If you want to discover the edge over competitors, CarnoSyn® will undoubtedly help you achieve that. Using creatine alongside it will take it one step further.

EXPERT: Kris Gethin is a nutrition consultant, trainer and author of Man of Iron

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