carnosyn TRAIN CarnoSyn® has formed a valuable partnership with the TEST Football Academy that has forged a new kind of athlete. Here are their achievements and experiences leading up to the 2019 NFL Draft.

CarnoSyn® has partnered with TEST Football Academy for the second year to provide NFL hopefuls with a scientifically-proven edge over the competition. The results are staggering and the players are reaping the rewards month after month.

The Results

In just 30 days, the TEST Combine class of 35 athletes have experienced incredible transformations, resulting in a total fat loss of 233 pounds and a total lean body mass (LBM) gain of 237 pounds — for a total body composition swing of 470 pounds. Per athlete, this averaged 6.7 pounds of fat loss and 6.8 pounds of LBM gain, with an average total swing of 13.5 pounds. In terms of performance increases, TEST athletes have achieved average increases of 2.5 inches on the vertical leap, 4 inches on the broad jump, 4 reps on the 225 bench press, and decreased 40 yard dash times by 0.15 seconds.

“Working with trusted partners like CarnoSyn® who offer proven and banned substance-free products, solidifies the fact that we’re providing the best supplementation program available for our players,” explained Kevin Dunn, TEST Football Academy Owner and CEO. “We can argue all day on methodology and opinions, but the numbers provide indisputable evidence that this collective system truly works. We train the top 1% of athletes in the country, so incorporating sports performance ingredients like CarnoSyn® and SR CarnoSyn®, which are patented and supported by more than 55 scientific studies, is something that truly sets us apart from the competition.”

Team CarnoSyn®

These three players from the 2019 NFL Combine training class are using this cutting-edge supplement to take their performance to the next level.

darnell savage in a carnosyn tshirt

Darnell Savage: Safety for Green Bay Packers

(Fat Loss – 2.4 pounds, LBM Gain – 10 pounds, Total Swing—12.4 pounds) Savage was the physical and emotional leader of the 2018 Terrapins Football Team and led his team through a season of triumph and tragedy, demonstrating veteran maturity both on and off the field. He carried that hard-hat work ethic with him to the Senior Bowl where he dominated a talented defensive back group to earn honors as the North Team’s Player of the Week. With the NFL Combine in his sights, Savage looks to demonstrate his near flawless technical abilities and world-class speed.

“CarnoSyn® allows me to compete at the highest level every day, with no sore days. It keeps my body feeling good.”

foster moreau in a carnosyn tshirt

Foster Moreau: Tight End for Oakland Raiders

(Fat Loss – 7.5 pounds, LBM Gain – 7.6 pounds, Total Swing—15.1 pounds) After earning a reputation as a devastating blocker with consistently reliable hands in college football, Moreau turned his sights to the 2019 Senior Bowl where he demonstrated a drive and dedication that earned him the prestigious South Team’s Player of the Week honors. The rigors of the NFL Combine will present Moreau with the opportunity to demonstrate his cerebral approach to the game of football, his precision footwork, and remarkable explosiveness.

“CarnoSyn® helps me work harder, faster and stronger. It helps me be more consistent and more prepared to take on the day.”

tuzar skipper in carnosyn vest

Tuzar Skipper: Defensive End, NFL Prospect

(Fat Loss – 3.7 pounds, LBM Gain – 12.6 pounds, Total Swing—16.3 pounds) Skipper overcame adversity to earn a starting role on Toledo’s renowned defense and used that opportunity to continue his pursuit of his NFL dream. He committed himself to dominate the training process and catapult himself to the next level, adding 12.6 pounds of LBM, becoming stronger, faster and more explosive than he’s ever been.

“Without CarnoSyn®, I would not be able to hit the numbers that I hit, especially with the bench press — going from 19 to 26 reps in 28 days.”

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