Few things are better equipped to derail a diet faster than the smell of French fries.

What’s the problem anyway? They’re a vegetable, right? Unfortunately, potatoes aren’t terribly nutritious. The average spud might have some decent quantities of vitamin C but that’s pretty much destroyed the moment they touch the deep fat fryer. Fortunately, there’s a way to cook them so they taste even better and are better for you. Here’s how.


Think sweet potatoes

Not only are they delicious but sweet potatoes are nutritionally better for you than the classic white potato. With more vitamin A and C as well as fewer calories, more fiber and fewer carbs, once you go sweet, you’ll never go back.


Spice it up

Research says that sprinkling a small amount of chilli flakes on your fries can help protect your liver as well as increase your immune system. However, if chilli flakes are a tad on the hot side for you, use paprika instead. It’s packed with important antioxidants as well as plenty of nutrients as well as plenty of other health benefits that will have you reaching for the spice cabinet.


Switch your salt

It’s no secret that salt isn’t great for your body, especially in high doses. Instead, change your regular table salt for Himalayan Crystal salt. It’s much richer in essential minerals so you’ll be able to enjoy that salty flavor without going completely off the rails.


Olive oil is best

Skip the canola oil and go for heart healthy olive oil. Despite what people might say, oil isn’t actually bad for you, it’s actually good for you in moderation. By sticking to 2-3 tbsp to limit calories you can crisp up your fries and gain from all the health benefits that olive oil has to offer.


Bake them instead of frying

No matter how hard you’ve tried to make your fries healthy, it will have all been a wasted effort if you put them in the fryer. Instead, line a baking sheet with foil, brush fries with olive oil and bake at a high heat for 30-45 minutes until crispy and golden. It might take a little longer than frying but your body will thank you later.


Ditch the dip

Ketchup might be America’s second favorite condiment (behind Mayo, obviously), but it’s also full of calories and sodium. Stick to healthier alternatives like mustard or perhaps get creative and make your own healthy homemade salsa to dip your fries in.


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