Few foods are as important to you and the economy in general as the humble pizza, which generates an annual spend of $37 billion.

Trouble is, pizza lovers get a quarter to a third of their daily energy intake from this dish. Small wonder it’s hot on every dieter’s cheat list, but doesn’t mean it should remain a cheat food. After all, its ingredients seem almost healthy, providing you order one with a few veggies on top.

Here’s how to do it best so that you get that cheat meal taste from a dish you can eat everyday.


1. Opt for homemade

The start of the year saw the FDA ban carcinogenic chemicals found in your cardboard pizza box that repel oil and water. While this is now in effect, there’s a lag time to allow them to get rid of old stock.


2. Avoid pepperoni

While delicious, it’s still a heavily processed meat linked closely to an early death. Stick to healthier alternatives like chicken.


3. Create a healthy base

Cook a mix of cauliflower, egg and almonds for five mins. Cool, then fashion into a healthy base.


4. Limit your cheese

All cheese has a high fat content but limit your topping to a cup to avoid maxing out on sat fats.


5. Basil is a must

Top your pizza with fresh leaves to fight disease, inflammation and get a heavy nutrient kick.


6. Avoid cans

Never use canned tomatoes as they contain harmful BPA chemicals. Use those in a glass jar.


7. Chicken is the best topping

Chicken is a wise choice. Add chilli, mushrooms, capsicum and garlic for a full health boost.


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