You might be able to avoid an extra serving or stay away from the gravy, but it can be really difficult to avoid sweet treats in the festive season.

Instead of taunting yourself, just get your baking hat on and whip up some of these protein-rich, low-calorie desserts from


1. Peanut-butter pie


You probably never thought that you’d be able to feast on a peanut butter pie, but low and behold this high protein pie that is only 151 calories per slice. Get the recipe here.


2. Cookies and cream cheesecake


Get all your macros and satisfy your sweet tooth all in one delicious bite. Recipe here.


3. Vegan brownies


What could be better than a vegan brownie? How about one that has 9 grams of protein packed in. Recipe here.


4. Funfetti cakes


Funfetti and only 110 calories INCLUDING the frosting, perfect. Recipe here.


5. Carrot cake cookies


Carrots are healthy but cake doesn’t tend to be. However with 16g of protein, this is a cheat meal that is a little less cheat. Recipe here.


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