Fish oil – it’s nothing but pure goodness, right? Well, capsuled fish grease may have a few surprises in store for your perceptions. For most people in the West, we have a diet heavy in Omega 6 fish oils already so ideally, you’ll want to either consume or supplement with Omega 3’s to balance the ratio and see any potential health benefits.


True or False – All fish oil is food for you

False: Harvard University research found that even the top selling fish oils can have a 77% reduced ability to protect your LDL (bad cholesterol) oxidation.


True or False – Fish oils can last for months in the fridge

True. Just three months to be exact is the shelf life, found research in Food Chemistry.


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True or False – You’ll protect your heart with fish oil

False. A paper in the Heart, Lung and Circulation Journal found fish oil supplements didn’t benefit people who have had a previous heart attack. Evidence that it may protect healthy individuals is still a little hit and miss.


True or False – It will heal your post-workout hurts

True. A study in the Journal of Dietary Supplements found taking 6g of fish oil per day for a week resulted in less muscle soreness after lifting.




Fish oils interfering with LDL

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3 month shelf life of fish oils

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Fish oil study found not to be protective against heart disease


Muscle soreness and inflammation reduction after consuming fish oil