The ultimate culinary playlist for adding more wood to your workouts.



They’re rammed with vitamin D, which Harvard University research found is associated with high levels of testosterone. Small in nature, not in stature.


Pumpkin seeds

Low zinc creates low testosterone and these are rammed with ludicrously high levels of this essential mineral.



They’re cheap, a sinch to transport and swimming in protein, vitamin D and healthy fats needed to keep your T count high.


Free range eggs

These are high in vitamin D, rammed with the cholesterol needed for testosterone production and are a valuable protein source.



It’s a stellar source of healthy saturated fat, which needs to make up about 10% of your total calories to keep your testosterone levels optimised.


Wheat bran

It’s rich in magnesium and people with high intakes of magnesium had increased testosterone swirling around their blood stream.


Cocoa powder

Load a few teaspoons into your protein shake to make your body flush with more magnesium and antioxidants.


Ricotta cheese

A study at the University of Connecticut found whey protein blunts cortisol, testosterone’s opposite number, and ricotta is loaded with plenty of whey.



You’ll get a solid hit of saturated fat, whey and healthy probiotics that’ll provide the perfect conditions for the production of more man essence.



They’re rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant associated with lower cortisol in response to workouts found research in the International Journal of Sports Medicine.


Kiwi fruits

They’re also nutritional juggernauts for vitamin C that will allow your testosterone to run freely throughout your body.


Almond butter

These nuts have a trifecta of testosterone boosting ingredients: zinc, magnesium and fats.


Red meat

This is the manliest of proteins is loaded with both zinc and fats needed to make you a very virile bloke indeed.



Protein? Check. Zinc? Check. Healthy fats? Check. Magnesium? Check. No go get some.



It’s less of a testosterone booster and more of an estrogen blocker, that will keep you all man.