There’s no solution to get around your lust for sugar. You might be able to sugar-coat easy ways to beat them, but you’ll probably just lick the sugar off that too. Cravings for sugary foods aren’t very thoughtful. You don’t often wake up and have them. Oddly, this is the best time to eat sugar because it’s more likely to be burnt off. Instead, they’re insulting enough to make you want sugar, at precisely the moment you shouldn’t eat it. A paper in the journal Obesity, found your circadian system amplifies your hunger and cravings for sweet, starchy and salty foods in the evening. That’s your 10pm cue to demolish the block of chocolate and bag of chips. Yep, it’s happened to everyone.

If your subconscious knows that kind of food is in the house a gnawing craving develops. It’s a whisper at first, then it’s an inside voice and when left unfulfilled it becomes your outside voice. Eventually it’ll holla in the echo of the Grand Canyon. You’re powerless.


Craving: A solution

When that sugar solution is all your brain can think about, there’s no turning back. But why do you have them. Well, there’s the addictive element because sugar is unquestionably something your body can’t stop craving, found a paper at Princeton University. It ticks all the boxes for fulfilling your reward systems. Calories. Emotions. Taste. Deviance. Sugar has it all, but it can also mean your body is lacking in certain nutrients. It’s this lack or deficiency that started you down this path so this is where your solutions should be grounded.

Fat solution

Sugary foods are often paired with fats. Ahem, that’s the chocolate calling. It can be a reason you crave them. The solution? Eat fats. Make them the good kind like those of the saturated and unsaturated variety. You can get these from things like nut butters or protein bars. Many of these taste like a cheat meal that whole heartedly absorbs your cravings. These keep you feeling fuller for long and will put the pin your ideas about devouring enough chocolate to fuel an Easter egg hunt.

Fiberous solutions

Fat and fiber are BFFs. They do similarly good things to your body and most people are slightly deficient in this nutrient. It helps feed your good gut bacteria while making sure your blood sugar remains stable. When you blood sugar falls off a cliff, it’s this free-falling nosedive that tells you to get calories into your body ASAP. Think of it as your body’s self-defense against being coiling up into a lifeless lump on the floor. You can try get these from adding fiber to your smoothies, via seeds or fiber supplements or you can get it from products with fiber.

Prempt cravings

If you get cravings a certain time each day, then act accordingly. Create a preemptive strike. Make sure you eat some healthy foods that will reduce your hankerings for sugar. Try things such as cinnamon, leafy greens and dark chocolate. They will give you a surprisingly satisfying calorie hit and will put sugar in its place, so you only eat it when you feel like you’re in control.