carnosyn TRAINCarnoSyn® is a scientifically proven beta-alanine which converts to carnosine in the body – a natural and powerful perfomance enhancer.

This essential timeline shows when it’s best to take the supplement and how it helps you work harder.

A PDF version can be downloaded here and all links to studies mentioned in the timeline are featured below.


30 mins

30 mins before training, consume CarnoSyn®. It is particularly beneficial when stacked alongside other performance-boosting ingredients in a pre-workout supplement.

10 mins

10 mins into your workout, the effects begin to take hold. CarnoSyn® helps to buffer the onset of lactic acid, delaying fatigue and prolonging performance.

1 day

Every single day, aim to consume between 3.2 and 6.4 grams. This is the optimal dosage for prime athletic performance.

7 days

7 days of supplementation fuel peak performance. CarnoSyn® should be taken every day of the week – not just on training days.

28 days

A loading phase of this length is essential for elevating muscle carnosine content, proven to help you sustain performance levels. Study.

Remember 90/28? Try 179/28?

  • An average 3.2 grams per day produces noticeable performance increases.
  • However, studies show that increasing beta-alanine intake to 179 grams over 28 days – an average of 6.4 grams per day – can significantly amplify muscle performance.

30 days

CarnoSyn® supplementation increased the cognitive performance of soldiers in an elite combat unit. Study.

4 weeks

6.4 grams of beta-alanine increased training intensity levels in a sprint-interval protocol performed by trained cyclists. Study.

24 weeks

CarnoSyn® supplementation over 24 weeks proved continuous loading of muscle carnosine correlated directly with continued performance improvement – banned substance free. Study.

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