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SR CarnoSyn® sustained release beta-alanine is fast becoming the ultimate bodybuilding supplement, thanks to its ability to provide higher beta-alanine dosing and enhanced synthesis of carnosine in muscle. Here’s how it works and my personal experience.

CarnoSyn® instant release beta-alanine set the benchmark for beta-alanine supplementation, and SR CarnoSyn® builds on these foundations to provide an unparalleled experience in increasing strength, enhancing endurance, and experiencing faster recovery. SR CarnoSyn® is an advanced delivery form of CarnoSyn®, which supplies higher dosing of beta-alanine that remains in the body longer for carnosine synthesis. The net effect is higher muscle retention of carnosine that creates better and faster results. I recently decided to experiment with SR CarnoSyn® to elevate my training capacity and overall progress. Here’s the key science and my personal experience with it, having tested the ingredient extensively on my own body in the gym.

The research

Science shows that there are numerous benefits to taking CarnoSyn®, including an overall increase in physical capacity, reduced muscle fatigue while training, and improved endurance. To be more specific, researchers noticed after 28 days of use, males’ physical capacity grew by 16.9%, while females saw improvements of 12%. Additionally, endurance cyclists discovered a boost of 11.4% in peak power after supplementing with CarnoSyn® for eight weeks. In a 7-week study, professional rowers found their 2,000m time improved by 4.3 seconds. Another study found after 10 weeks of supplementation, muscle carnosine stores were increased by a staggering 80%. Scientific research can be angled to create the illusion of change, so I like to personally test all ingredients and draw my own conclusions. After four weeks of using SR CarnoSyn®, I found my ability to push through the failure barrier improved dramatically. And with the same weight, I was able to perform more repetitions. The ability to recover faster and perform at a higher level also extended to my endurance-based training, probably by helping my body buffer lactic acid and hydrogen ions while performing my bike and run hill repeat drills.

How it works

The performance benefits can all be attributed to an improvement in the body’s muscle fatigue-fighting properties. These are attained by limiting the biological processes which cause performance declines, allowing the athlete to go harder for longer. Muscle carnosine stores have been found to play a direct role in muscle fatigue – as stores decrease, performance is hindered. SR CarnoSyn® was developed to significantly boost the synthesis of carnosine in muscle. The sustained release characteristics mimic the natural rate of beta-alanine uptake from your gastrointestinal tract into the body. This means it provides higher levels of beta-alanine for carnosine synthesis over a prolonged period, with less being lost to general metabolism or voided via your urine.

Benefits mean performance

You should aim to consume 3.2-6.4 grams per day. Traditionally you would have had to take multiple, smaller servings of CarnoSyn® per day to experience the benefits of increased carnosine production. If you tried to take it all in one serving, you’d experience the skin tingling sensation known as paresthesia. However, with SR CarnoSyn®, you can consume multiple servings with little to no paresthesia. Knowing SR CarnoSyn® was able to provide the positive improvements without this side effect was something I welcomed. Given that SR CarnoSyn® is a pure amino acid supplement which is entirely free of all banned substances makes it a smart choice for athletes who are seeking that performance edge. As a lifetime drug-free athlete who is focused on my quest to live to be 100, I value that fact.

More reps, more work, better results

Imagine squatting a weight which causes you to fail at 10 repetitions. That natural failure point arrives, in part, from the accumulation of lactic acid and hydrogen ions, which your body is unable to remove fast enough, causing a decline in performance, in the way of failing at a rep. With the use of SR CarnoSyn®, you may be able to complete additional repetitions using the same weight. This makes for a significant increase in physical stress for your body, exposing the muscle fibers to more trauma. The benefit of this trauma is more muscle breakdown, followed by the need to rebuild, resulting in hypertrophy. Not only does SR CarnoSyn® make it more attainable to complete a few additional reps, but when this is applied throughout the workout, the result can be a meaningful increase in overload.

Real world gains

I started including SR CarnoSyn® on non-training days, given I already consume it on training days in my pre-workout and intra-workout drinks. I’m pleased to report my performance has noticeably improved. At the beginning of the workout, my muscles are particularly resilient to fatigue, and even as the workout progresses, there’s a noticeable improvement in their ability to work at a high capacity. I found it to be most noticeable when doing the brutal DTP pyramid sets, where the 30, 40, and 50 rep ranges usually annihilate the muscle. Since taking SR CarnoSyn® on rest days, I’m able to move through these sets with less exhaustion. Given the intense nature of this training style, it’s the perfect environment to test the true impact of any ingredient which promises to fight muscular fatigue. I have personally noticed a significant improvement in performance, as well as my recovery between sets, which has solidified this ingredient’s reputation for me. For anyone who trains intensely with the goal of pushing their body to new limits, I recommend adding SR CarnoSyn® to your program to boost performance and results.


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EXPERT: Kris Gethin is a nutrition consultant, trainer and CEO of Kaged Muscle

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