TRAIN maps your nutrition around the clock so you know what you should be eating and how regularly to build brawn or torch fat.
Author : Ru Anderson, author of High Performance Living


Eating for muscle mass: six meals per day

Daily tucking into six meals that contain 20g of high-quality protein every three to four hours, is the perfect recipe for muscle gain, writes Ru Anderson, author of High Performance Living.


An optimal eating schedule would be:

7am breakfast

6 egg whites 1 whole egg
1 cup oatmeal


10am mid-morning

225g turkey 225g white rice


1pm lunch

280g grilled chicken 170g steamed broccoli


4pm mid-afternoon

1 protein shake


7pm dinner

225g grilled chicken 225g white rice


10pm supper

1⁄2 cup fat-free cottage cheese


Eating for fat loss: three meals per day

If you’re looking to rip up your physique and drop a couple of inches around your waist, Ru Anderson suggests you need to cut your meal frequency. He states you need to remain in an anabolic state by maximising muscle protein synthesis via three meals per day, with or without an intermittent fast:

8am breakfast

1⁄2 cup oats 1⁄2 cup blueberries 225g egg whites 1 whole egg

12 noon lunch

140g tilapia 1 cup broccoli

5pm dinner

225g chicken, green salad and asparagus

With an intermittent fast: 12 noon breakfast/lunch 4pm dinner 8pm supper


Editors note : Ultimately, the most important nutritional principles that you need to follow during any training phase is the correct amount of calories for your goal. A calorie deficit for fat loss or a small calorie surplus for muscle growth. Eating enough protein to retain muscle tissue is important no matter your goal. Frequency is quite low down the chain of importance and can generally be dictated by personal preference to suit your lifestyle.