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6 Nutrition Tips Based on the Latest Science

Gluten…and health free?

While gluten-free options are essential for folk su ering from the painful e ects of celiac disease, are gluten-free foods really healthier?

The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics put on their detective hats and found some gluten-free foods were classified as containing high fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt – while also being 159% more expensive.

Thank your lucky stars if you’re not celiac and save your coin – and health – with standard versions of breads and pastas.


A better brew

While green tea is the MVP for keeping your insides in good nick, another brew could be a secret savior.

A paper in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research found brewing chamomile tea stopped fructose and glucose in its tracks after a high-sugar meal, inhibiting the GLUT-2 glucose transporter and preventing these sugars from getting a foothold even if they tried to go via the back door.

A cup of chamo was so powerful, it laid the smackdown on high blood sugar levels even better than prescription drug, Acarbose. Follow up a sugary treat with this cuppa and protect yourself against any poor health effects.


a kettlebell with a spout and teapot lid


A sweet comeback

Aspartame is often treated as the naughty child of the nutrition world, but a paper in the journal Nature attempted to kick it while it was down – and only ended up turning in its defense.

While successful in proving artificial sweeteners altered gut microbiota in some people, none who took aspartame were affected. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also noted a loss of 1.2kg more body fat in people who replaced sugary foods with artificially-sweetened ones.

The take-home message? Having (max) one artificially- sweetened food item per day should tickle the tastebuds, while keeping your gut in check.


Upgrade your patty

Cheese is good, but there are smarter options for a homegrown burger. A paper in the American Society For Nutrition found mixing rye bran or pea fiber into burger patties kept your hunger monster locked up 13% longer. Besides being the executioner of hunger,

they also stabilized hormones, with no difference in insulin levels for all their added benefits.

Heaping two tablespoons of rye flour into your meat patty mix turns your burger into a guilt-free superfood. If only Maccy D’s would take note…


a uncooked meat burger with a cooked arrow shaped section in the middle


Green beats yellow

If you’re lining up a meal high in the yellow stu (fat), you’re best o washing it down
with something green.

The World Nutrition Journal found you’ll cut fatty triglycerides in your blood by a whopping 43% by having

a green tea with food, although to gain this benefit you’ll need over five cups of brew. Adding a green tea extract supplement from Bodybuilding.com is

a more time efficient option for the man who can’t always go pinky up for hours on end.


HSPs arginine and aminos

While our initial response to exercise isn’t very encouraging – suppressing the immune system – there are supplements that shield you from the free radicals trying to reek havoc on gains.

Arginine and glutamine in particular up-regulated HSPs (heat shock proteins) that raised muscle cell resistance to attack from these muscle-hungry radicals, showed a paper in Food and Function.

A scoop of Optimum Nutrition’s Pro BCAA with added glutamine from Bodybuilding.com ensures that these free radicals can’t get past the guest list and ruin the gains party.


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