Protein used to be a niche macro. Today, it’s about as mainstream as obesity. It doesn’t matter how you like to it eat it, there’s always a tasty way to get it into your system. Candies. Bars. Shakes. Cookies. It’s there for the taking. The only trouble is deciding how you want to it to taste. There are endless options. Arguably, the most overlooked protein option are single serve cookies. Here’s why you need them as a staple feature in your pantry.


You’re going to eat them

Cookies are like cheese. Advertisers may as well stop marketing them. We’re never going to stop buying cheese. We’re never going to stop buying cookies. They’re there to be enjoyed with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee as you take a break from your day. It’s the ultimate snack that brings back memories of grandma’s oven baked freshness. Other varieties are little more than carbs and sugar, so choosing a high protein cookie is a smart move for when that craving strikes. This means you won’t feel like you’re denying yourself the treat foods you so dearly love. And you won’t feel awkward if you go out for coffee with a friend who orders some sort of baked food. Bust out your protein cookie and you’re in the clear.


They’re indestructible 

A 10 pack of cookies are dead meat when thrown in your gym bag. They’ll turn into the crumbs that are hardly fit for the pigeons. An individually wrapped high protein cookie is a different beast. It’s flat, compact and will survive just about any kind of transportation efforts. You can even leave it to lounge around in your cars glove box for a few days in the middle of summer. It’s never going to melt like a protein bar or go rancid like a protein shake. Instead, it’s the snack that’ll survive the apocalypse and give you the bicep inches you need to fend off the marauding cannibals.


You can dish them out to the whole family

What’s a childhood without cookies and milk? If you’re a parent, it’s probably a fond memory seared into your head. Trouble is, you know sugar and all the nasty additives aren’t great for kids. Fortunately, by giving the little tackers a protein cookie, it will tick that rite of passage for them without compromising their health. It’s the ideal thing to bust out on a car trip and they never need to know that they’re not super healthy for them. Smart parenting indeed.


The seal of approval

For the best results choose a protein cookie that’s individually wrapped. That way it’s always going to be fresh and transportable. You should also look for at least 10g of protein and very little, if any, trans fat present. This means you can eat them guilt free and choose all sort of creative flavor options, because you will get bored of the same flavors. The secret to lasting changes and improvements is to find easy cheats for your diet. These will help give you a psychological break from the mundane foods, so you always have something to look forward to.