Muscle-up with this pasta dish that’ll serve serious gains for those looking to recruit more lean size.

You’re pushing hard in the gym so quality nourishment is essential to get the gains you want. The ideal amount of proteins, carbs and healthy fats is an on point equation to for muscle building. Those who are looking to pack on the muscle on a budget will also appreciate this meal, so get ready to eat clean, eat big and grow!

High-fat dairy deliciousness needn’t be relegated to the confines of a cheat day. Here’s an everyday way to enjoy a comfort food minus the comfort gut.



• 7oz chicken breast or salmon

• ½ head broccoli

• Coconut aminos

• 4oz quinoa pasta or wheat pasta

• 2 large avocados

• ½ cup Greek yogurt

• 1tbsp minced garlic

• ½ cup fresh basil

• 1 lemon

• Sea salt and pepper



1: Blend avocado flesh with Greek yogurt, garlic and basil and juice from lemon. Add salt, pepper and chopped onions. The American Heart Foundation found eating avocado lowers bad cholesterol.

2: Boil the quinoa pasta and set aside. The Institute of Food Technologies found quinoa to be an excellent protein source with 100g provides 4.4g of protein.

3: Season chicken breasts or salmon and cook in a skillet. If you have to hand you can add extra veg like mushrooms and peppers because ‘shrooms will rev-up your immune system and help fight off illness, according to the University of Florida.

4: Mix 1/3 of avocado pasta sauce with the quinoa pasta and top with grilled chicken breast, or salmon as it here’s 30g of protein in 7oz of chicken breast, according to the USDA food database. This is 53% of your recommended daily protein intake.

5: Add cherry tomatoes and top with parmesan cheese. Research in SAGE found eating tomatoes decreases your risk of conditions like cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.


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