Auburn, Texas Tech, Michigan State and Virginia are the last four teams remaining in the quest for a National Championship.


Only 0.02% of and CBS brackets correctly predicted the Final Four teams in the 2019 NCAA DI Men’s College Basketball Tournament. 0.046% of ESPN’s brackets correctly predicted the Final Four. The Sweet Sixteen was narrowed to the Elite Eight which consisted of the following matchups:

Texas Tech (3)
Gonzaga (1)

Purdue (3)
Virginia (1)

Auburn (5)
Kentucky (2)

Michigan State (2)
Duke (1)

Red = Winner

The Final Four could’ve consisted of three number one seeds but instead three upsets occurred. The most surprising upset was Michigan State defeating Duke 68-67. Duke was the overwhelming favorite to win the entire tournament but lost in the final five seconds in a nail-biter.

Therefore, the Final Four consists of two unexpected, exciting games:


April 6

Virginia (1) vs Auburn (5)
Time: 6:09pm EST on CBS
Location: US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN

Michigan State (2) vs Texas Tech (3)
Time: 8:49pm EST on CBS
Location: US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN

The National Championship is two days later:

April 8

US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
Time: 9pm on CBS


The Auburn Tigers and Texas Tech Raiders will be making their first Final Four appearance in school history. Auburn is on a 13-game winning streak and has already beat a number one seed in North Carolina. So although they are the longshot to win the NCAA tournament, it’s a worthwhile bet to make. Michigan State is the only team of the four to have actually won a national title in school history. Sophomore guard Jarrett Culver of Texas Tech is the leading scorer of the four teams and the leading rebounder and assister on the Red Raiders. Clearly, his success will determine much of Texas Tech’s success.

Michigan State guard Cassius Winston is the Spartans’ top scorer, assister and three-point scorer. Stop him and you’ve got a good chance of beating Michigan State. Virginia’s top scorer is junior guard Kyle Guy and scored a team high 25 points against Purdue in the Elite Eight. Virginia’s overall record of 33-3 and number one seed make them a betting favorite this weekend.

This is the last weekend of March Madness so it’s time to go all in with your buddies. Since one game is right after the other, it’s perfectly feasible to watch the games from 6pm EST to around 11pm EST then either pack it up and go home or keep partying on. Moneyline bets are no-brainers but you may also want to explore prop bets such as winners of the first half. For example, maybe you’ll predict the winner of one game, but only wager on the first half of the other game. Regardless of how you use 5Dimes, it’s certain this this March Madness has been full of surprises.