Every month, in each print issue of TRAIN magazine, we hook you up with some easy-to-digest, fun facts about fitness.

Our design wizards at TRAIN hq haven’t forgotten about the digital people either. Here are some weight loss statistics from the past four issues of train in a pretty, easy to read infographic.

If you can’t see the image below, don’t worry, you can find the stats written in plain text directly underneath the image. Don’t forget to check out our recent muscle building infographic too.

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Weight loss statistics


Weight loss statistics from TRAIN magazine

Stats from issue 47

The tiny range of obesity rates among vegetarians across all studies

Less bodyweight of vegetarians vs meat-eaters

41% higher fibre intake in vegan men

studies that these stats were taken from

Source : Journal of Nutrition Reviews

Stats from issue 46

Amount of bitter orange, stacked with caffeine and St Johns Wort led to more fat loss.

3.1kg vs 1.8kg
Fat loss in the group that took the above supplement stack vs group who took nothing

1800 calories
per day that both groups in the study consumed

6 weeks
of circuit training 3 x a week was the exercise routine to achieve this result.

Source: Current Therapeutic Research

Stats from issue 45

500 calories
Less eaten per day by adults in the 1970’s compared to today

Fewer adults had a BMI of over 30 in 1988

Less physical activity by adults today than in the 1980’s

110-150 minutes
of walking daily would reverse this

Source: Medical University of South Carolina/Deakin University, Melbourne

Stats from issue 44

Income group with lowest inactivity levels at 9.3%. Get yourself a pay-rise (or cut, if you’re a 6-figure baller)

Of inactive population is earning less than $49k

Millenials born in this range prefer fitness sports as their activity

81.6 million
Americans are completely inactive

Source: Physical activity council