There’s a new type of blood doping which has actually already hit our shores. It’s a new, upgraded version of the blood doping that the public love to hate.

It’s similar to the doping that was used in scandals with elite athletes, including Tour De France would-be legend, Lance Armstrong. The difference?

In a creepy upgrade, the blood from this new version of doping will come from much younger people. It’s aptly been coined “blood plasma.”


Q: Are there performance enhancing benefits to voluntary transfusion with young blood plasma?

A: While blood doping is one thing, this is an entirely new box of frogs. Blood doping is when you boost the number of red blood cells in your bloodstream to gain an edge for your athletic performance.

Young blood transfusion, on the other hand, seems like it would be more at home as a plot in a Stephen King novel.

It’s a practice born from a study in the journal Nature, where young mice swapped blood with older mice, and vice versa.

The old squeakers benefitted almost immediately with their muscles and livers becoming stronger by day one.

Sadly, the youngster’s insides suffered opposite fates, which was still probably better than getting the mousetrap.

On the back of this research, and without a great deal of other scientific backing, a US company started offering similar vampirism at $8k a pop, with a couple of liters of young blood-derived plasma pumped into a more mature body in the name of tapping the fountain of youth.


doping test tube on a calendar


It’s a bio-hack that has pulled broad criticism, mostly because there aren’t any peer–reviewed scientific studies to back it up, even though the founders claim it will soon be able to heal Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer.

Young blood guzzlers claim they look and feel younger, with the most noticeable take away being better sleep.

Will it directly boost sports performance? Potentially; but a lot more research is needed before that becomes a certainty.

That said, you’re unlikely to begin setting new world records at 35, the minimum age you have to be to receive the treatment.

If it did work, you can bet the World Anti-Doping Agency would ban it almost immediately.

If better sleep is your primary benefit from this procedure, this has convincingly been proven to enhance testosterone, alertness, fat burning, muscle building and operation at your athletic peak.

But until significantly more studies are done, you’re better off using that $8k to create an environment more conducive to achieving the highest quality sleep possible, the ultimate performance enhancer.

Unless you can convince Hulk to be your blood-boy…

10 ways to sleep stronger

1 Avoid blue light before bed

2 Create a bedtime ritual

3 Train daily

4 Set your bedroom to 67°F

5 Keep a sleep diary

6 Set an alarm to go to bed

7 Wear clean socks to bed

8 Make it as dark as possible

9 Keep to the same schedule

10 Write a to-do list


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