Who doesn’t love a good beer? Your gut, that’s who.

We all know that alcohol is full of empty calories but, when it’s drunk in moderation and with some well-informed choices, you can enjoy a few without falling off the fitness wagon. TRAIN magazine gives you the low-down on the best drinks to choose from the menu when you head to the bar.


Liquor and soda

There’s a reason people opt for a G&T when trying to lose weight. Avoiding fatty mixers like cola and energy drinks will ensure your drink isn’t high on the calorie intake. Liquors like vodka and gin have a very low calorie count as well as a zero carbs.

What to ask for: Diet sodas and tonics. These will keep your drink’s sugar content down and add no calories to your favorite drink.




If the occasion calls for wine or something bubbly, sometimes you just have to run with it. Where possible, always choose a red wine. It may have more calories than white but research suggests that it has great health benefits. It can help to protect the heart and lower cholesterol levels as well as aiding weight loss by turning fat into ‘brown’ calorie-burning fat.

What to ask for: Pinot noir, merlot or cabernet.




While it’s probably wiser to avoid beer altogether as it is packed full of fatty carbs, opting for a lighter beer will keep you on the right track. The benefit of beer is that the alcohol content is spread out over a larger volume so you can nurse that beer for longer than a hard alcohol and mixer alternative. When going to the bar, as a general rule of thumb, the darker the beer, the more calories and carbs. It’s also best to avoid ciders as anything that tastes sweet is most likely to be packed full of sugar.

What to ask for: A light beer or ale.



To find out how much you should be drinking, use the Bodybuilding.com handy alcohol consumption calculator.