Not all sports supplements are created equal – and quality can vary substantially. This can make it difficult to judge just what is worth your money – and what isn’t. But does paying more mean getting better results and more bang for your buck?

Fear not, as we outline what to look for and why CarnoSyn® is proven to help you push past plateaus.


Read the research behind the supplement

When looking for a quality supplement to add to your arsenal, you should first consider the body of research that exists.

A supplement is more likely to be effective if there is a sizeable body of evidence reinforcing its claims.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays an important role.

The FDA doesn’t evaluate supplement statements aggressively, and while brands can essentially say whatever they like, they cannot state that a supplement boasts medicinal properties, or more general claims lacking in evidence.

The onus is on you to do the research and work out whether to part with your hard-earned cash.


Quality supplements can cost more

‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ – as the old proverb states. Where supplements are concerned, there is a lot of truth in this statement.

The products at the cheaper end of the scale may fall foul of under-dosing in a particular ingredient or just not provide any noticeable benefits.

By investing in a proven product, this reduces the risks of having to pay time and time again until you stumble upon something that works.


how supplements differ


Branded ingredients may be more expensive in the short term when compared to generic ingredients – but they deliver results.

With a generic ingredient, there is no real way of knowing they are as safe and effective as they claim.

Supplementing with a product containing CarnoSyn® is a sure-fire way to build more muscle, extend endurance, aid recovery, and boost mental function.

Generic beta-alanine is not effective and may lead you to spend more and more on supplements until you find one that actually works.

Trial and error is a worthwhile process, but where there is existing research – sit up and take note.


Patents prove the quality of your supplement ingredients

With the limits of generic ingredients being clear, patent proof is the way to go. Not all ingredients are created equal.

Generic ingredients are prone to under-dosing, with safety and quality claims that simply cannot be verified.

Patented ingredients are certified as being potent, pure and safe – making them a worthy addition to your supplement stack.

CarnoSyn® beta-alanine has been manufactured under a stringent quality control process, and its efficacy also stands up to scrutiny.

It has been proven in 55 human studies to build more muscle, extend endurance, aid recovery and enhance your focus.

CarnoSyn® is certified by the FDA and various other national and international agencies to be safe and effective.