Testosterone cops the blame for just about everything. Any negative or boisterous behavior is linked to this misunderstood hormone. While it’s nice to think there is a demonic hormone, few psychologists would agree that personality traits are seldom defined but the stuff that gives you both facial and butt hair. Instead, testosterone is a hormone found in men and women, but it varies heavily depending on your lifestyle, age, stress and gender. Without it, you will not burn fat or gain muscle, so pay attention to these signs in case you may be inadvertently low in this hormone. Without it life would be lesser for it.


The Girl From Accounts Makes You Wonder If You’ve Been Paid Yet

A workplace is no place for inappropriate actions, but you should have thoughts you shouldn’t act upon. The average man thinks about sex 19 times a day and if the presence of an attractive human doesn’t ripple the silk of your kimono by even a very small degree, then you could be low in testosterone.


Your Stapler Looks Like A Pillow

If you’re constantly fatigued, anything looks inviting enough for a nap. Even stationary. Without testosterone, your energy levels will be set to a scarily low levels, even if you’re clocking up good volumes of pillow time. This will make it near impossible to exercise which will lower your testosterone levels even more. It’s the most terrifying inaction loop you can ever get into.


You Wonder If Your Tumble Dryer Is Working

That snug fitting t-shirt that you fill out in all the right places may not look like it was tailormade for your physique. Is your tumble dryer on the fritz? No. Instead, you’re just losing muscle buddy. Take those baggy sleeves and go shopping for better fitting threads or get a testosterone upgrade.


If Your Mood Was A Bird It Would Fly Into The Ceiling Fan

You may not feel like Eeyore the donkey on the inside all the time, but if you begin to see him as your spirit animal, you could be lacking in testosterone. As your levels of this hormone ebbs and flows it swings your emotions through a carousel of feelings. It’s not you. It’s your hormones or the lack thereof.


You Get The Cold Flush When You Can’t Remember Your Wallet’s Location

Everyone misplaces their wallet. It’s natural. However, when you constantly do it to the point that you get a trickle of pins and needles when you think about your money holder’s location, your memory might be in a funk. It will not only affect you financially, but you’ll cop a lot of flak from everyone else in your lift when you forget their birthday.

Your Comb Looks Like It Moonlights As A Puppy Killer

All that hair, stuck in your comb instead of being left to luxuriate on your head into a fashion forward style. Take notes. If your hairbrush seems particularly full or the drain your shower is a clogged-up mess of rank hair, you may need a testosterone boost.


Don’t take testosterone decreases lying down. If you do, you’ll regret lying down, especially with someone you enjoy sleeping next too. Don’t let poor bedroom performance be a catalyst for change. Rather choose a testosterone booster, like American Metabolix’s Strength Mass, to bump up your natural supplies so you can put all the nasty things in the list above in your rear view mirror. Testosterone may get blamed for a lot of bad things, but it’s also at the heart of who you are and why you’re so awesome. Don’t dilute yourself. Get your levels taken care of so you can muscle up and get lean like you want to.


Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash.