CNP was founded in 1998 in order to provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with only the finest, premium-quality, evidence-based sports nutritional products.

We pride ourselves on our adherence to stringent standards, and here we have outlined the process each one of our supplements goes through before it hits the market and makes a difference to your fitness regime.


Premium-quality proteins

To build serious muscle size and strength, your body needs an adequate amount of protein and amino acids.

After a gruelling gym session, your muscle fibres will be screaming out for replenishment. Our industry-leading ProPeptide contains premium-grade Native Whey protein pasteurized at low temperatures.

That way, its natural properties are maintained to drip-feed your muscle cells with the most potent protein available. Many other whey powders are subject to high heat treatment, which kills off a lot of the nutrients.

This high-quality whey is free from many common additives and contains 15% more leucine than whey isolate.


muscular woman in the gym performing bicep curls


State-of-the-art facilities

If you’re looking for safe and effective supplements, then rest assured that CNP cuts no corners. Our Manchester-based manufacturing facility was purpose-built in 1998, making it more up-to-date than many other sites.

Our facility boasts cutting-edge technology at the very forefront of the sports nutrition industry. Some of the appliances we use include an industrial-seized Ribbon Blender, one of the most thorough and advanced blenders in existence.

We also use a Mettler system to weigh our products. This tells us precisely how much of a particular ingredient we need to include in our formulations.

We also make extensive use of metal detectors to ensure no foreign objects find their way into a product. All our machinery is recalibrated each year to ensure efficiency and quality.


A handle on hygiene

Quality ingredients are only one side of the coin. Here at CNP, not only do we provide an effective range of nutritional products, but we operate a ‘clean as you go’ policy to reinforce high standards of hygiene.

Our check-weigh system doesn’t allow products to pass unless they conform to set standards.

For example, if you’re looking for a kilo of quality protein, that is exactly what you’ll receive to aid your health and fitness goals.

All machinery used is put under strict allergen testing to ensure cleanliness. Swabs are then sent off to an independent laboratory as a further level of quality assurance.


muscular man in the gym on the fly machine


Cutting-edge ingredients

All our supps are free from fillers. In addition to our use of premium-grade Native Whey, CNP products are blessed with pure, evidence-based ingredients across the board.

Many products contain a unique DigeZyme® complex. These enzymes ensure your body efficiently digests the vitamins, minerals and nutrients found in each product.

Creatine is a supplement built on a strong body of scientific data emphasizing its ability to boost strength and muscle size.

Our creatine is in a micronized monohydrate form, a high-quality variant that many other manufacturers simply won’t invest in.

We also source our omega capsules from Scandinavian krill – fish that populate some of the purest, unadulterated waters on earth.

CNP krill capsules are rich in EPA and DHA, omega 3 fatty acids that help with fat loss, heart health and brain function.


Market-leading formulations

What sets CNP apart from the rest is that we simply don’t go out and source the cheapest, easiest ingredients.

We only purchase raw materials from suppliers that are audited with BRC or ISO approval, which are recognized benchmarks for food and supplement safety.

This is our commitment to ensuring quality. We also visit each supplier in person to make sure all ingredients are of a sufficient standard.

The elite-level athletes that swear by our products understand the level of care taken at each step. We believe this reinforces our stature as the go-to, premium quality sports nutrition brand.


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