Invest in the right ergonomic equipment to see your performance surge, even though you’re slumped at the grind. We check out performance increasing technology for the every-guy, that improves you from head-to-toe and inside out.


Avoid the hunch

Using a lumbar support pillow keeps your posture in the correct position and stops the curvature of your spine, which can negatively affect your cardiovascular system, and decrease your endurance abilities, according to the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation.

“Cementing your butt into the seated position can impair the physiology of your cardiovascular system and thoracic spine. The muscles that hold your posture eventually fatigue, causing your posture to degrade, which contributes to a decreased function of your heart and lungs.” says Dr Anthony J Lombardi.


All-day lean

Sitting all day limits movement but the Herman Miller Aeron Chair has a free-movement feature that enables you to wiggle around, as well as supporting your spine and promoting the correct posture for your pelvis and backbone. ($729,

“It’s good to be able to move because fidgeting burns 350 calories per day, which includes toe-tapping and swinging back and forth,” says Alice Hector, elite triathlete.


Forearm smash

Make sure to pad your arms and give them a bit of cushion while you’re banging your paperwork out because next time you’re on the court and your forearm smash has taken a dive, it could be traced back to your office. Rest your arms on an ErgoRest ($99.95, for ultimate comfort.

Research by the University of California found that forearm support significantly reduces your risk of elbow tendinitis, shoulder, neck and back pain.


Standing target

Sitting has been dubbed the new smoking and it could slow you down on the field. Research by the Australian Institute of Sports suggests short-term fat gain reduces your muscles’ ability to withstand intense exercise, affecting your gains. All the more reason to stand with a Varides Pro Plus standing desk. ($395,,).

“Standing doubles your metabolism, burning approximately 100 calories an hour, so stand up and move at least every hour,” says Alice Hector.


Performance increasing technology


Hearty thinking

Keeping the power station in your chest healthy could keep the control panels in your noggin just as healthy. Research by The American Heart Association found cardiovascular health measures are beneficial to brain function – including memory, cognitive skills and speed processing. The research also found non-smokers have better weight and an ideal cardiovascular measure.

Fun stat : 5%

The amount of weight loss that will improve cell function, insulin sensitivity in fat tissue, liver and skeletal muscle.


Performance increasing technology development

The Fitti Guard is a smart companion watch that gives you immediate alerts and helpful advice if your levels for polluted air, noise nuisance, sunlight or even radioactivity are exceeded. Get all the information via your mobile app too. Head to the Kickstarter website to throw your cents in and help it get produced.


Get app and go

Best to stay on track: FitNotes Gym Workout Log

Price: Free

TRAIN Thinks:

It simply offers you a log to keep your fitness notes on the move. It also provides a database to help you properly categorize your workouts and track what you’re doing, as well as create custom routines.


Best for flexibility: Pocket Yoga

Price: $2.99

TRAIN Thinks:

Come with more than 200 poses along with animations and voice instructions to show and tell you how it’s all done. You can also log your practices and create your own workouts.


Best for motivation: Ingress

Price: Free

TRAIN Thinks:

Fancy a bit of fun? This app keeps you motivated while engaging you in a classic game of scavenger hunt. No matter what, it involves you getting out of the house and exercising.