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5 Health Warning Signs and How to Fix Them

The messages from your body aren’t always as obvious as a beaming billboard. Here are the less conspicuous heads-ups you should pay attention to…


Warning sign: A healthy bank balance


Living the six-income dream means you’re more likely to be a weekend warrior in the fitness stakes, even if you meet the RDI for active weekly minutes, according to a study in Preventive Medicine.

The fix

Fortunately, researchers suggest you can get 150-minutes of exercise over three days per week and still be healthy.

So, pencil in the whole weekend and one weekday for a solid exercise binge, and you’ll safeguard all your options and still put yourself in line for a promotion.


Warning sign: Slow walking pace


In a six-year study at the University of Leicester, those who had a self-reported slow walking pace were twice as likely to have a heart-related death compared to brisk walkers.

The fix

Pick up the pace, grandpa. If you have a regular set distance you cover on your commute to work, time it and try to beat it by just a few seconds each day. Small improvements equal big longevity results.


Warning sign: Eating several times a day


health warning signs



People who ate one-two meals per day, and those who wolfed a filling breakfast, had regular reductions in BMI compared to those who ate three big meals and several snacks, says an Adventist Health study.

The fix

That’s more credence to the big breakfast notion, but be sure to follow it up with a maximum of two big meals each day and you’ll set yourself up to smash your weight loss targets.


Warning sign: A ring finger longer than your index finger


Someone with this ratio is more likely to have higher muscular strength due to increased levels of testosterone in the womb, found a study at the University of North Dakota.

The fix

You can’t return to the womb, but can look for this trait in your sporting opponents, being careful not to challenge those with Nosferatu-like ring fingers. If you have it, you’re likely a mesomorph so should adjust your training plain to include more explosive elements for heightened results.


Warning sign: Fat on your lower abs


A lower layer of ab fat, compared to fat just under the skin, is more likely to promote cancerous tumor growth, found a paper by Michigan State University.

You don’t have to worry about the ‘pinchable’ fat, but the ‘pressable’ kind.

The fix

The fat loss prescription is always the same: limit sugars and alcohol, sleep more, stress less and stick to high-intensity cardio wherever possible.


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