Imagine yourself as a beautiful box fresh baby. Would you prefer milk forged from the nutrition of fresh healthy groceries or the Frankenfoods served at most drive-thrus? The answer may seem clear, but what’s unclear is why we choose to treat ourselves differently as we get older, when we’re supposed to be wiser. Sure, everyone should enjoy the occasional junk food blow out, but when it comes to a whey protein powder, which you’re probably taking daily, your long-term choices may have consequences. It’s a smart move to be uncompromising on quality by choosing high value protein sources. If your whey protein fails to be transparent, you may want to trust it the way you would someone who boasts 447K followers but gets 9 likes on a post. Here’s what to look for.


Source Code Differences

Are grass-fed cows healthier? Yup, suggests research in the British Journal of Nutrition. They discovered organic grass-fed cow milk and meat had 50% more beneficial omega 3’s than their non-grass-fed counterparts. This wasn’t a one off. The researchers examined 196 papers on milk and 67 papers on meat to reach these conclusions. Okay, so you may not be sipping whey protein shakes for their tasty levels of omega 3’s, which incidentally strengthen your immune, brain and cardiovascular systems. However, it’s worth noting because these high levels of omega 3’s are a marker for judging just how much healthier one cow is from the next. The whey you drink is produced directly from their milk, so the healthier the cow, the healthier you’re likely to be.


Whey Ahead

Why is whey protein the choice for most high achievers? Well, the research around it is incredibly convincing, says a meta-analysis in Frontiers in Pharmacology. They examined 20 randomized controlled trials on whey protein and discovered that it unquestionably one of the best weapons in an athlete’s armory at aiding their sports performance and recovery.  You don’t have to be collecting silverware on winner’s podiums to deserve it because whey offers a little swag to everyone. Muscle building. Fat loss. Recovery. Inflammation combatting. Fighting cravings. It truly is a supplement that can help everyone become a little healthier from the inside out, especially if it’s drunk before and after training to improve recovery.


Give Yourself The Best

Whey is increasingly found in just about everything, from snack bars to high protein desserts, at just about every price. Trouble is, the less scrupulous entities you buy it from, the nastier it can get. It’s best to find out how it’s prepared and where it comes from to ensure you’re nourishing your body the right way. To optimize your health, it’s wise to select whey from the milk of grass fed, non-GMO cows. It also helps if you like the taste and if it’s got no sugar or carbs, so you can have zero guilt about drinking something you find delicious. That’s why TRULEAN’S Grass Fed Premium Powder is always crafting whey protein flavors you’ll love, such as the Frosted Vanilla Cake, Rich Dutch Chocolate, Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Cinnamon Cereal Milk and Strawberries and Cream. You’ll be hard pressed to find whey protein flavor options like these that taste as good as your regular dessert. Try having a glass when you’re craving less than healthy foods and you’ll find it’s like mother’s milk for your muscles, mind, and digestion. Those are something worth raising a glass to.