Forget excuses, because if you’ve decided to make the commitment to a better body and performance, this is what you need to do to move forward.

By Shayne Mcgowan – certified coach and founder of Mental Edge Performance


Point of comparison

The starting point is to stop thinking about or comparing your performance to others. Instead, remember why you are taking this step. Comparing yourself with others is an effort in futility because there is so much to compare that you can do nothing about. Genetics is the big one. If you’re comparing your efforts to somebody with more favorable muscle insertions, bone structure and muscle fibers that are better suited to your goal, then you’re never going to win.

Compare yourself to number one – you. If you’re better than you were last week, last month and last year, then you’re winning.


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Eliminate self-doubt and negative thinking for a mental edge

A positive attitude instills confidence, self-esteem and drive that will strengthen your immune system.

It has also been proven that negative thinking weakens it and can cause us to stress and become rundown – a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences sfound that those with more positive attitudes had a boosted immune system versus the negative Nancys.

Have a word with yourself: “I feel great today, I believe in myself and I’m confident, I’m a good athlete and I have a great attitude.” Finally, allow yourself to be happy with a new body and mindset.


A bright future – your transformation

Think of this journey as a chance to create a new you. Change is good and the fact you’re wanting to make changes proves that you will be proud of what’s to come over these next few weeks. You are going to be able to say “I did it cause I wanted it, I deserve it because I set the goal and crushed it”. Remember to exercise patience – transforming yourself takes baby steps and the result of all your hard work won’t be immediately apparent, but rather it’ll snowball after consistent action.


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