Well, maybe not quite 50, but you need to find as many ways as you can to look after this vital organ as it’s the body’s workhorse and will even get you lean. Here’s the plan…

The liver is made up of two large sections called the right and left lobes – this organ functions as a detoxification system which helps process and metabolize chemicals. The aftermath is the secretion of bile, which ends up going back to the intestines. Blood passes through the liver from the digestive tract, where it is cleaned and then distributed throughout your body. But that’s not all because there are other functions which the liver performs, including the secretion of proteins which are essential to blood clotting. While this natural biological mechanism is designed for detoxification, like any living tissue, it can suffer from fatigue and degradation.

Liver health can be measured in many formats with the primary goal being geared towards tracking cell damage and inflammation, often those who have liver issues see an uplift in liver enzymes in their test results. Poor diet, alcohol, and performance-enhancing drugs are examples of things which can increase toxicity within the liver. While many people will try to dispute the value of liver detoxification protocols, I have witnessed the positive impact first hand. Following numerous blood samples and testing, which I have undergone with the careful guidance of leading medical experts, I have seen tangible elevations in related liver markers by following the amazing protocol below. Use to it get into your best ever health that will really leave you looking (and feeling) the part.


Without wanting to sound generic, hydration is a blanket protocol for all things health-related, it enhances the wellbeing of every living biological system. Liver health can be augmented significantly by “hyper hydrating” the body, where you drink two gallons of filtered water per day. Why? Well, toxins can be flushed out of the liver more efficiently with this quantity of water circulating through your body. While drinking large quantities of water should be a constant habit, for seven days push it up to two gallons per day. This will be difficult to achieve and requires planning. The best way to begin is drinking the first gallon by 11am so you have time to consume the rest during the day and in the gym. Adding Hydra-Charge to your water makes it infinitely more palatable, giving it a refreshing taste as well as providing five of nature’s best electrolytes. On the topic of fluid intake, I avoid coffee during this period as well, to help the body completely detox and recharge.


For the seven-day period, try fasting for the first eight hours of the day, to help reduce the volume of food and chemicals your body is processing, sticking to water alone for this period helps the body remove toxins more efficiently. It will also reduce internal inflammation which benefits overall recovery, including cell regeneration.


Ironically eating animal protein, liver specifically, can enhance the health of your own! Pound for pound liver is possibly the most nutritious food on the planet, being incredibly abundant in vitamin A (which can become depleted when stressed), vitamin B12 along with D, E and K. Trace minerals including chromium, zinc, and copper are also prevalent in liver. Amazingly, it has the capacity to augment the natural detoxification process of your liver. Perhaps you don’t like the idea of eating liver, but it can be made easier by making homemade meatballs or stir-frying it with lots of green vegetables. Aim for one portion per day, for the seven-day window.


Juicing has gained a lot of momentum as a health hack but I see a lot of mistakes being made, namely the over-consumption of under nutritious processed fruit juices which are also ridden with sugar. Instead, use a juicer at home to make your own raw vegetable juice using tomatoes, celery, peppers, beets, cucumber, lemon, green leafy vegetables, and Swiss chard. This isn’t designed to excite your taste buds although it is very refreshing, it is a quick shot of daily goodness which you should consume when breaking your fast. Most of my diet during this period is actually made up of homemade, liquid meals such as greens soup made with bone broth, beans, celery, leafy greens, and coconut butter. To support healthy muscle, I ensure that I take in 2-4 scoops of Amino Synergy.


There are a lot of supplements which can contribute to enhanced liver health. However, there are four which I am insistent that you use. Milk thistle and dandelion extract can help extract toxins and support the rebuilding of damaged cells within this vital organ. Potassium supports better liver health with studies demonstrating low serum potassium levels are associated with non-alcohol induced fatty liver disease! Finally, turmeric is an outstanding natural anti-inflammatory which doesn’t just help digestion, but also a reduction in liver inflammation. For seven days taking these supplements together will support the detoxification process, although they are so good, I would recommend them as an ongoing part of your health stack.


Having a higher state of aerobic fitness means the heart can distribute blood efficiently around the body, including the liver, where it can detoxify and process blood quicker. Weight training increases overall lean muscle mass which is associated with a reduction in tissue wastage, something which can occur in the presence of liver disease. Combined with intensive training, this also keeps body fat levels within healthy parameters, suppressing the likelihood of fatty liver disease. For this seven-day period, include at least 45 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise to encourage better blood circulation around the body.


Alcohol is toxic to your liver, in some cases causing swelling (cirrhosis), cell damage and fatty disease. Every time you consume alcohol your liver has to go into overdrive to remove the toxins while combating the side effects – ideally, you won’t consume any alcohol whatsoever as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Adopting these habits for seven days can provide the boost your liver needs to reach a higher state of health, however for the continued benefits you should ensure your lifestyle is consistently aligned with these steps. Liver health issues are becoming more prevalent in society with a reported 80 million Americans suffering from problems, linked to this major organ. It is a resilient organ but once health issues are exacerbated via poor lifestyle choices there are limits as to what can be done to help – the best course of action is prevention, which begins with this protocol.

EXPERT: Kris Gethin is a nutrition consultant, trainer and CEO of Kaged Muscle.