1. There is a 19% increased risk of death in people with impaired smell versus normal smell function.
  2. Eating 800g of fruit and veg daily, reduces heart disease risk by 24%.
  3. 10 portions of fruit and veg a day significantly reduced risk of stroke by a third.
  4. Risk of kicking the bucket early was slashed by 31% when more fruit and veg was eaten on a daily basis.
  5. Use your gym buddy or significant other to passively stretch you post-workout so that your trained body parts are stretched for 60 seconds each.
  6. Loads from 70% to 100% of your 1RM in the bench press effect muscle activation.
  7. Pecs maintain recruitment until loads of 90%+ where it then takes a 5% dip.
  8. 44% of high school seniors used creatine for athletic performance and appearance.
  9. 6-11lb of lean body weight on average gained in four weeks on creatine.
  10. Use decreased smell as the canary in your coalmine that something inside you wants fixing.
  11. There is over a 40% higher fiber intake in vegan men.
  12. Fresh, yellow fin tuna has 100% of your daily selenium requirement from a small 85g portion.
  13. One teaspoon of xantham gum is a natural way to thicken shakes or smoothies and keep hunger locked up.
  14. If you’re into cycling, swimming, marathon running or rowing, you’ll need 3000-8000 calories to fuel the long distances you’ll cover.
  15. Sports that require short bursts of intensity over a period of time will need higher carbs to pull energy from i.e. football, basketball, rugby and the like.
  16. Sports such as gymnastics or diving require a calorie consumption similar to the average person.
  17. Children increase your life expectancy by over two years.
  18. 44% of anti-doping rule violations in 2012 were claimed to be associated with supplement usage.
  19. There were 613 doping violations between 2003-2010 for cycling.
  20. The International Sport Federation became the first to ban doping in 1928.
  21. Sulforaphane lowers rate of weight gain by 15% and visceral fat by 20%.
  22. Broccoli sprouts contain 10-100 times more sulforaphane than florets.
  23. Flipping on the TV during meals is associated with obesity.
  24. 0-6% of obesity rates among vegetarians.
  25. Male and female vegetarians have a 3-20% lower bodyweight vs meat-eaters.
  26. Climate change is likely responsible for selenium losses of between 58%-66% in our crops.
  27. Romaine lettuce is the leaf richest in vitamin A, which fights free radical damage while improving the health of your eyes and skin.
  28. The weight watchers diet ranks 4th best diet overall.
  29. All macronutrients —carbohydrates, fats and proteins — have important functions, so it’s crucial to get the right amount of each.
  30. Sipping tea cuts your risk of non-cardiovascular mortality by 24%.
  31. Beetroot juice can make your exercise last 16% longer.
  32. Endurance athletes use several times more oxygen than sedentary people so they are more prone to oxidative damage.
  33. As much as 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant and large amounts of dairy can cause gut irritation
  34. There is a 24% improvement in aerobic endurance when you drink beetroot juice for a week.
  35. You want your heart rate to get up to 90-100% of your maximum heart rate during the work portion of an interval.
  36. Having your friends and family compete with you is a failsafe for smashing through your targets.
  37. Eat at least one daily serve of vitamin D rich foods, such as fatty fish, egg yolks and cheese.
  38. Reducing overall daily protein intake decreased serum IGF-1 levels even if it was done for a meager three weeks.
  39. Regularly indulging in blueberries can actually help you see in the dark.
  40. Drinking a single cup of tea each day reduces your risk age related cognitive impairment by a staggering 50%.
  41. Turmeric is such a powerful elixir that it can prevent heart attacks in bypass patients.
  42. Flavanols from cocoa tackle cholesterol and improve blood flow.
  43. A five-day fasting cycle is a safe and effective way to reduce the markers of aging.
  44. Just two slices of bread can be sandwiched with more than a third of your RDI for salt.
  45. Inspect your meat before you buy it or get it in bulk from a butcher who you can instruct to give you stripe free protein.
  46. Flexing, and even thinking about it, creates stronger neurological pathway.
  47. 5 out of 12 teens believe that PEDs will always be a part of the Olympics, versus only 10% of adults.
  48. An organic label can make people believe the food is categorically healthy and they were willing to pay 23% more for produce.
  49. Some rice milk can expose you to arsenic poisoning.
  50. Caloric restriction may not only be a tool for weight loss, but may potentially provide a route for extending lifespan and reducing chronic disease.
  51. One in five shoppers don’t know the difference between local and organic food.
  52. Oats have high levels of ochratoxin A (OTA), a nasty byproduct of mold that’s been shown to cause cancer in animals.