You’re staring down the barrel of a glorious time of year.

Football is back, taking a chunk out of our Sundays, Monday and Thursday night.

It’s still warm enough to fire up the BBQ.

The beers flow and the parties are easy.

Sadly, recovering from all the good times can be a little trickier to master.

That screaming headache may leave you looking to old favorites (that’s your bacon and coffee) and wondering about the new kids on the block, like CBD.

First up, what is a hangover?

It’s toxins like acetaldehyde flood your dehydrated system which leave you feeling limper than month-old lettuce.

Okay, so it usually only lasts for part of a day unless you’re at a Vegas bachelor party where bourbon was flowing like the fountains at the Bellagio.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action to feel yourself again and, on that note, everyone tends to swear by their own hangover wonder cure.

Here are some of the touted benefits of CBD that just might help with a hangover:


  1. CBD May Help You Sleep Better

Hangovers leave you dog tired.

Sure, booze normally means you’re up later than normal, but this is because you fall asleep easier.

However, you don’t go onto high quality restorative sleep that leaves you feeling rested.

CBD may help with this because one of the suggested benefits of CBD is that it helps calm both body and mind before bed and may even help increase the time spent in deep sleep.

Whether this will work for you, you can only try.


  1. CBD May Ease Feelings of Nausea

Ever woken up after a big night and immediately urged to drive the porcelain bus?

That’s the nausea kicking in and sometimes it can be low level stuff that leaves you feeling a little off.

Some studies have explored CBD and other cannabinoids to see if they may help ease feelings of nausea.


  1. The Why-Me Moments

A little too much booze can lead any good human to a ‘why-me’ moment. The morning after regrets and memories can come flooding back which may trigger feelings of anxiety or even depression long term.

CBD is often suggested as a means to calm feelings of anxiety or help you feel a little more relaxed. So it just might help you ease past the why me moments.

There are many aspects of the typical hangover that CBD is not empowered to tackle.

Things like dehydration, low blood sugar and poor decisions are beyond its remit, but it may help you feel slightly better.

How to take it?

Try having a little before you go to sleep or you can also try having some after you wake up, making sure never to exceed the manufacturer’s guidelines. Trying something new like CBD is often the only way to see if it is effective for you.

Most importantly, focus on quality because hangovers already mean you’ve added some undesirable toxins to your body. No need to add more with a sub-standard CBD product.

The CBD you use should always be free from contaminants and be of the highest quality with ingredients that meet label claims with a sound quality control process to ensure products are made in accordance with industry guidelines.

An easy way to help you with this is to use products with a Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) Certified CBD seal. The BSCG Certified CBD premiere third-party certification program works to ensure you get what’s on the label and is free from harmful toxins or drug contaminants.

The BSCG Certified CBD third-party certification program tests CBD product lots to verify label claims and THC limits; check for heavy metals, microbiological agents, pesticides, and solvents; and perhaps most importantly screens for more than 500 banned substances in sport or other possible drug contaminants. The program was designed to ensure that athletes and other drug tested professionals like first responders, or military service members will not test positive for THC or other drugs when using a Certified CBD product and to verify the quality and integrity of CBD products for consumers.

Check out the BSCG site to find your Certified CBD brand or product,

The BSCG Certified CBD program has done the heavy lifting when it comes to verifying the quality of CBD products. Make sure your CBD product is made to maximize the potential benefits not hurt you in your quest to feel normal again after enjoying life, perhaps a little too much.