It probably seems like just about everything causes cancer. Whether it’s being tall, enjoying regular cups of hot tea or just sitting to earn your daily bread, they’re all linked to an increase risk of the big C. Strange but true. It can seem frustratingly inescapable. Fortunately, there are plenty of foods and lifestyle habits that offset your risks and even claim to be the cure. You’re probably smart enough to know that not all snake oil salesmen can be believed because illness presents an ideal opportunity to separate you from your money. What you’re about to read has no such incentive. It’s just one man’s story. A story of hope. One that’s been recorded and published in the highly respected journal, Frontiers in Nutrition. It’s a tale that may make you rethink about cheating on your ketogenic diet plans for the week. If ever there was a valid incentive to stick to your way of eating, life is as good as any.

The journal recently recorded the unusual case of a British man (who doesn’t want to be named) who was diagnosed with brain cancer that was a typically fatal form of glioblastoma tumor known to grow very slowly. It’s the form of cancer that killed American senator, John McCain and fells 15,000 people each year with most treatments proving ineffective. This man was diagnosed way back in 2014 and to save his life, he turned down the traditional treatments that included surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. Instead, he decided to tackle the problem by changing his diet to a ketogenic one. The researchers think that this tactic may have used his body’s own metabolism to fight this form of cancer. He chose the ketogenic diet because he wanted to keep a low glucose ketone index, knowing that tumors can’t survive without a steady supply of glucose and glutamine. Cut those out of the diet and your blood sugar gets under control and you’re eating the way you need to if you’re seeking optimum health. At the time of writing, he was 82 months away from his original diagnosis. That’s a long time to stay alive with such an aggressive disease.

Will this work for everyone and every type of cancer? Who knows? Probably not. Even the researchers are hesitant to give people the go-ahead to try this treatment. You can imagine how reluctant they may have been to even publish this information. But they took the risk. What is always true, however, is that if you improve the quality of the foods that you put into your body and become mindful about how you’re eating, then you will always elevate your health. That’s a fact. Whether you just want more energy or want to fight serious health conditions, an improved diet should always be your starting point. What you put in is what you’ll get out and nowhere is this statement truer than with food and your body.

Keto may not be the panacea for all your ailments, but you can bet it offers a very valid antidote to the hazards of modern life. If you feel like you’re doing better, have more energy and are uplifted, that’s the fare on your fork doing the good work.



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