Are you loading and dosing your beta-alanine for peak performance? The powerful ingredient helps you get the very best out of every workout, but only if the beta-alanine dose is right. Here’s everything you need to know about dosing


Benefits of the correct beta-alanine dose

Scientifically proven doses of beta-alanine lead to increased carnosine levels and retention in the body. What does this mean for the athlete?

  • Extended endurance
  • Expedited recovery
  • Enhanced mental focus

You’ll build muscle faster and perform better in your sport with the clinically-proven dose of beta-alanine.


The correct beta-alanine dose? Most users don’t know


beta alanine dosage


Based on survey results from the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival, 69% of people don’t know the correct amount of beta-alanine needed in order to feel its proven benefits. You could be throwing your hard earned cash down the drain – not because it isn’t an effective supplement – but because you’ve got the beta-alanine dosage all wrong. Don’t be that athlete.


Beta-alanine is scientifically proven…in the right doses

Beta-alanine is scientifically proven to help performance in over 55 studies and they weren’t all done on the elderly and/or rats like many in the scientific literature. These studies had practical application to athlete performance in the real world.


beta alanine dose


For example, amongst these studies you’ll see male athletes gain nearly 17% more physical work capacity and their female counterparts nearly 12%. Cyclists gained an immense 11.4% increase in peak power output and rowers slashed over 4 seconds off of their 2000m time.

This stuff flat-out works, and that’s why it’s imperative you’re dosing beta-alanine right.


The optimal beta-alanine dose for athletes according to the science

Load with the scientifically-proven dosage of at least 90g of beta-alanine over a 28-day period (an average of 3.2g per day) to feel its benefits. use this dose every day during the loading period, including on your non-workout days.

If you really want to make a massive difference to your performance, step up the dosage levels to 179g over 28 days (an average of 6.4g per day) and you can amplify your performance along with this dose increase. Hit this beta-alanine dosage every day during the loading period, including on your non-workout days.


beta alanine dose


This is the serious athletes beta-alanine dose and where you’ll get the most benefit as an athlete, according to the scientific data.


How to hit the right amount of beta-alanine

There are a few ways to take beta-alanine to ensure that you equal or exceed 3.2-6.4g per day including:

  • As part of your pre or post-workout
  • As a stand-alone product in single or multiple doses
  • or in a combination stack with products containing the patented form of beta-alanine known as CarnoSyn® or SR CarnoSyn®, the sustained-release version.

The more you take in that optimal range, the better you perform. Make sure you’re getting enough so you don’t get left behind – use the correct beta-alanine dose!


What other supplements does beta-alanine stack well with?


beta alanine dose


Beta-alanine works synergistically with most supplements that enhance endurance, power and work capacity through various pathways, but some that it stacks especially well with are the following:

  • Creatine – works hand-in-hand with beta-alanine. Helps to regenerate ATP in the body, which is one of its main energy sources. When creatine in the muscle is depleted, you’ll experience a drop-off in energy and performance as your ATP production stops.
  • Citrulline Malate – improves blood vessel vasodilation (better pumps in your workout,) reduces fatigue during your workout and helps optimize output from the mitochondria – the energy powerhouses of your body.


CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is a leading ingredient in sports nutrition formulations and the only beta-alanine licensed under NAI’s global patent estate for use as a human dietary supplement.

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