The winter is never a good time for the diet or fitness plan. You struggle to keep either of them going in the face of abysmal weather and an abundance of hot treats. However, there are still ways that you can stay healthy during the winter, so we caught up with Keith McNiven London based Personal Trainer and founder of Right Path Fitness, ( to explore 5 ways we can stay on top of our game this winter.

Don’t have too many Carbs

One way in which you can stay healthy during the winter is to ignore all of the heavy carb foods that are so popular during the season. They can seem very tempting, but it’s best if you take the time to have a breakfast filled with proteins, and complex carbohydrates, to help keep you fuller for longer.

Eat Mushrooms

You may not be the happiest with this option, but if you can stomach mushrooms, you should take the time to eat them. Mushrooms are filled with a wide selection of nutrients and vitamins which make them a good choice for use in winter cooking. Plus, there’s a whole selection of different dishes you can make which are quite delicious.

Load Up On The Greenery

It’s the season of illness and colds when winter rolls around. You’re more likely to catch stomach bugs and nasty diseases because your immune system is weaker. To counteract this, you should load up on a wide selection of different fruits and vegetables. Incorporating them into your diet will help to recover the immune system, and leave you feeling much better when it’s cold and miserable outside.

Plan Your Exercises

With winter comes a safety precaution. There’s a lot of ice and potential snow out on the roads, meaning the ground underneath you isn’t always that secure. For this reason, it is best to try and plan out your exercise regime a week in advance. You should think about what’s going to be best for the weather, and also make sure that you let someone know you’re going to be exercising. That way, someone knows you’re out and about and can check that you got back home safely.

Consider Working Out At Home

If the weather is too much for you to cope with, perhaps it’s time to do some thinking. Working from home is a great way for people to get all the benefits of exercise, but it also means that they do not have to worry about getting wet and possibly ill. It’s a good way for people to keep their routine going and is something you should consider.

Overall, these are the best five winter health tips that we’ve got for you. Staying healthy during winter is obviously something you want to do, and we fully appreciate that. By following all of these health tips, you’re more likely to be able to enjoy the winter season without being ill. We know that people who are trying to exercise in the winter don’t want to be struck down by an illness, so making sure that you get plenty of fruit and veg is critical for accomplishing this.