Q. I hate wearing gloves when I lift, but should I trim my weightlifting calluses from my hands?

Whether you’re a die-hard powerlifter, bodybuilder, strongman or CrossFitter who’d love a blood-handed ripped callus shot for your socials, it’s not a wise pursuit because free weights are top loaded with 363 times more bacteria than a toilet.

You don’t want those germs creeping into your system while you train, otherwise, it won’t just be a ripped hand that can make it too painful to grab a barbell. You’ll be bedridden, well away from any barbell containing gym.

To make sure they don’t rip, you don’t need mitts – just a little maintenance and TLC for your breadwinners, outlined in the steps at the bottom of this article.

Picking them may also feel oddly therapeutic, but pump the brakes on this itch because it only encourages your body to make them thicker and tougher. At worst, if you do pick a little too deep, you’ll tear the skin off and be treated to a first class view of the red stuff coming out of your palm.

If you’re still not convinced and do rip one, then immediately clean it, leave the pad on (if it’s still hanging on) then cover it with the type of band aid runners use for blisters and tape it up.

While you might consider weightlifting calluses your body’s way of issuing a tattoo of toughness, they really just make you look ill-groomed (Your girlfriend might be taking one for the team when she holds your hand and tells you she doesn’t care, but trust me, bro, she does).

Never hang onto them for longer than you need, especially if you have anyone special in your life because you’ll just be dishing out the touch of Fantastic Four’s The Thing. You’ll lose brownie points faster than you earned them by offering your other half a massage, but using your cheese grater palms as the tools for your work.

Weightlifting calluses fix and prevention

• Moisturize hands daily

• Use chalk during training

• Bite the bullet and consider lifting using thick gloves

• File your calluses smooth

• Tape your hand’s
problem areas

• Grab barbells in the crease of the hand where the palm meets the fingers.


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