Although being that nauseatingly in-love gym couple helps both parties achieve their goals according to the science, clearly your adonis like physique is intimidating for the opposite sex. Or something like that.

Whatever your excuse, being single on Valentine’s Day has a huge upside too.

We found eight memes that perfectly tell the single gym rat’s story.


1 Mo’ Money, Mo’ Gains


Valentines Day being single gym memes


You wake up after a good nights sleep and realise you haven’t booked an overpriced restaurant that costs twice as much as it would on a normal night.

All for a few snaps on social media to prove your undying love to your other half.

That feeling when you realise that you can spend that saved cash on your one true love; making them gains.


2 Love Letter From The Gym


Valentines Day being single gym memes


You head downstairs and, what’s this?

A romantic poem awaits, stuck to your fridge.

That is too cute. Who could have penned such beautiful words?

Oh yeah, it was you. A reminder to get your ass to the gym. At least somebody loves you.


3 You DO Have a Valentine…


Valentines Day being single gym memes


Your buddy calls and asks if you’ve got a hot date for Valentine’s Day.

Of course you have. What a stupid question.

You’re spending quality time with Gym.

You’re not like the others who only show love on a day that society deems appropriate.

You show love to Gym every single day. You’re a good man.


4 The Gym is All Yours on Valentine’s Day


Valentines Day being single gym memes


You hang up, pack your gym gear and make your way to your second home; the house of iron.

You’re expecting an empty gym because all of those other cheaters aren’t going to be showing Gym the same love.

But you’re a faithful man.

You still have a little faith in humanity though, so you dress appropriately.

You know, in case you meet somebody with upstanding morals such as your own.


5 Blink and You Might Miss Me


Valentines Day being single gym memes


The gym isn’t completely empty.

Wow, faith in humanity restored.

There are actually people who show the same love to Gym and making those gains as you do.

Obviously, singletons with good taste know a morally upstanding Adonis when they see one.

Since everybody in the gym is blinking, they clearly appreciate the years of hard work that have gone into your world class physique.

You approach a girl who is clearly smiling at you.

You’re impressed that she’s mid-way through her set and still gritting her teeth, smiling – she obviously likes you. Her eyes are just closed because she’s shy, you tell yourself.

She’s not here to work out really, she just heard you was going to be at the gym.


6 The Death of Fat Via Gym


Valentines Day being single gym memes


You approach her as she’s just about to jump on her next set.

She looks annoyed. Probably because you took so long to approach her and she was worried she’d lose you to another lucky lady.

Yeah, that’s definitely it.

You tell her the story of your ex and how she wanted chocolate and flowers for Valentine’s Day, but you told her to stop being fat and that flowers will just die anyway.

You charmer, you. She stopped talking to you after that and you saw her out at the movies with your buddy a few weeks later.

Technically, you dumped her though. That’s what you told yourself anyway.

The girl you’re telling this story to is clearly riveted and hurriedly gives you her number.

She seems in a rush, continuously eyeing her gym machine and saying “ok, bye, ok great, bye”.

That’s so cute. You love that she’s rushing the conversation because she’s so nervous in your presence.

Nothing at all to do with her wanting to get back to her workout. Nope, not at all.


7 A New Valentine


Valentines Day being single gym memes


You shoot her a text when you get home after your skin-splitting workout, not before you flex in front of the mirror for half an hour admiring your gains, of course.

She doesn’t text you for five days. Clearly her stomach is knotting up at the thought of texting you.

It’s cool, you understand that butterflies are only natural when girls interact with a specimen such as yourself.

Empathy is clearly just another in a long line of traits that make you the decent man you are.

You eventually get an incoherent text at 3am on a Saturday night asking you to pick her up.

Shucks, those darn butterflies making her slur her words.

You pick her up and she’s excited to see you. I mean, it’s been five days. Imagine how much she’s missed you.

She invites you in for a coffee and the next thing you know, you wake up next to each other the next morning.

She looks at you laying next to her with a slightly disappointed look in her face.

Obviously, she’s worried that you might not have had as an amazing time as she did last night. You reassure her that you did because you’re just a nice guy like that.

Fast forward and she’s still hanging around a year later and she calls in January asking what you have planned for Valentine’s Day…


8 The Valentine’s Cycle Continues…


Valentines Day being single gym memes


You could say things are getting pretty serious. She even introduced you to someone once as her boyfriend.

It was at the mall when you accidentally bumped into one of her friends. She did that nervous, rushed thing you love about her and hurried you along.

Weird – she always told you that she had no friends. She’s probably worried they’d try to steal such a beast from her. Understandable.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day rolls around and she tries to make this stupid suggestion about being unfaithful to Gym and spending the whole day together instead.

Wow, you think you know someone. She’s changed.

You put last year’s T-shirt on again as you leave for the gym and wave goodbye.

She looks so angry. Fair enough.

I guess she’s mad at herself for messing up and letting such an aesthetic beast go.

The cycle continues…


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