You’ve seen the meme’s floating around the fitness-phere.

Something along the lines of, “When I see that cute fitness couple and I’m over here like…One-man wolfpack!”

Funny, right? Unless you’re quietly wondering whether there’s something wrong with you for not having the same relationship forged from the flames of the iron room.

That sickly sweet fitness couple at the gym spotting each other inappropriately may have you reaching for the sick bucket, and it’s all the gym’s fault.


one man wolfpack fitness couples


Is there any evidence that fitness couples have a happier relationship?

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology places the blame squarely at the feet of the gym, after they discovered couples training together found it brought more excitement and satisfaction to their relationships versus more inactive tasks.

Working out as a couple also induced similar symptoms to falling in love – rapid heart rate, sweaty palms shortness of breath – symptoms which match the thrill of initial attraction.

If you’re not completely grossed out, try taking your partner to the gym for a session, even if you’re a one-man wolf pack.

It might temporarily get you out of the doghouse and win you some points.


What if I’m single?

Great news. A study in the same journal paired random people together who had never met each other before.

Groups were made to perform physical activity together and were made to submit a romantic attraction survey afterwards.

Both sexes were more attracted to each other, despite never having met their partner before, after physical activity.

For the singletons, keep hitting the gym hard.

Your soulmate may just be a bench away, mistaking their love of the gym for you…