Simeon Panda is a self-made fitness phenom who travels the world giving seminars on his unique exercise strategies. Here’s how he keeps lean and muscled, even when the working day is long.


Tireless workload

My sessions consist of a high volume of sets, way more than most would be used to. I train seven days a week all year with no time off. The longest period I’ve had off training is four consecutive days when I was bed-ridden with flu.


Lean ambitions

I started training at 16 years old and like most skinny teenagers, my goal was to add muscle. My first session is not something I’ll forget because it immediately gave me the desire to improve my physique and chase that pumped-up feeling.

I worked in finance for many years and although it was a nine-to-five office job, the passion for training never once faded. In fact, as I progressed, my passion increased.

People always told me I should compete but I never considered it until I went to watch my first physique show. I spent as much time looking at the crowd as I did looking at the athletes and was intrigued by everyone’s energy. Afterward, I felt enthused to work harder and create a formidable physique capable of winning. When that time came I did just that – I entered and won my first show and the overall. That was my starting point.


Being social

From the very start I’ve made a conscious effort to stay true to myself and express my opinions, views and share my knowledge in an uninhibited fashion.

A distinguishing factor would be the relentless passion I express in every post. This is what I feel makes me stand out. The desire for success is a relatable trait that transcends all ages, races, genders and demographics. This is my prime message: you’ll achieve anything if you’re willing to work for it and exercise the patience needed to see your efforts come to fruition.


Busy isn’t an excuse anymore

This question really should be, ‘How do you balance your busy schedule around your training,’ because exercise will always come first.

Training is nothing more than 1½-2 hours – just a small, but essential 7% of a 24-hour day. I managed to train daily while I studied five days a week and worked weekends when I was younger. I managed to train daily while I worked a nine-to-five office job for four years. Now I train daily while running my businesses. There’s always time to train.


Simeon’s typical training split:

Monday: chest
Tuesday: back and calves
Wednesday: legs and calves
Thursday: shoulders
Friday: arms and calves
Saturday: abs and calves
Sunday: legs and calves

Simeon’s chest workout:

Flat or incline bench press: 8-10 sets of 1-20 reps
Incline dumbbell flyes: 8-10 sets of 4-20 reps
High cable flyes: 8 sets of 6-20 reps
Low cable flyes: 8 sets of 6-20 reps

Simeon’s supplement sheet:

BCAA’s – taken in the morning, pre- and post-workout
COD LIVER OIL – taken in the morning
CREATINE MONOHYDRATE – taken in the morning and pre-workout
HMB – taken morning, pre- and post-workout
L-ARGININE – taken in the morning
WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE – taken post workout


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