carnosyn TRAINFinding a supplement that effectively wards off muscle fatigue while training can be a challenge. There are many ingredients which claim to help delay the onset of fatigue, yet fail to deliver. Having spent the best part of twenty years bodybuilding and using sports supplements, I should know – I have used most of them. Along the way I have learned so much about sports supplementation, particularly when combating fatigue is the primary objective. This feature explores why CarnoSyn has become a staple ingredient in my supplement arsenal and how it separates itself from the competition.


What Is CarnoSyn?

CarnoSyn is the world’s only patented form of beta-alanine licensed for human consumption as a dietary supplement. Leading human sports performance authority, Dr. Roger Harris, has worked extensively on CarnoSyn. Through extensive lab-based testing, supported by 55 independent scientific studies behind it, the conclusion is that CarnoSyn unequivocally helps enhance human performance in nine unique ways.

How Does CarnoSyn Work?

The human body has natural levels of carnosine which is synthesized within skeletal muscle tissue. This process is done with the amino acids, L-histidine and beta-alanine. Carnosine synthesis is limited by the amount of beta-alanine available during the process. CarnoSyn has been proven to elevate muscle carnosine concentrations by 80% after 10 weeks of consistent use, demonstrating an improvement in muscle carnosine synthesis. Just imagine how that could benefit your performance!

Supplementing with CarnoSyn impacts anyone who trains intensely. By enhancing carnosine synthesis within the skeletal muscle tissue, fatigue can be delayed. Biologically, carnosine acts as a pH regulator, sustaining a “normal” acidity balance for longer periods of time, which explains how it buffers fatigue. From an applied perspective, this could mean that instead of failing on the tenth rep, you get fourteen. By achieving more repetitions on each set, the muscle is exposed to a greater workload, the perfect recipe for faster growth and physical evolution.

When Should You Use CarnoSyn?

From experience and extensive scientific studies, the recommendation is to consume CarnoSyn forty-five minutes prior to intense exercise, along with a second dose during exercise. Collectively, the dosages should total 3.2g, to be split equally between the pre and intra workout window.

With this protocol, skeletal muscle tissue becomes saturated with CarnoSyn prior to training. Ingesting the second dose during intense exercise enables the body to continuously support a higher rate of muscle carnosine synthesis. To get the most out of your supplements, ensure you’re adequately hydrated before training. All ingredients rely heavily on the fact that the body has enough fluid for transportation along with other essential biological processes.

Scientific Proof Matters!

As someone who relies heavily on scientific proof, CarnoSyn has my full support. Recall the one study which found that using CarnoSyn consistently for a 10 week period helped elevate muscle carnosine levels by 80%? The scientific evidence illustrating the impact of CarnoSyn doesn’t stop there. Before I delve into the vast quantity of information which supports CarnoSyn, I want to explain why this is so crucial to your supplement selection process.

Many supplement companies use borrowed science. This means they will make the same claims as companies who use patented ingredients (which have been extensively tested), even though they are using a generic version of the ingredient, often not in the recommended doses. Therefore, you think you’re getting the same result but you aren’t actually taking the same ingredients which have been scientifically supported. Patented ingredients are always best due to the scientific evidence which supports their claims.

In case you’re wondering why all supplement brands don’t use patented ingredients, the explanation is simple; patented ingredients are more expensive and therefore affect the supplement brands’ profit margins. It is more lucrative to make claims based on borrowed science and use a cheaper, inferior ingredient. Hopefully this explanation has clearly shown why being picky with ingredient selection is so important, and encourages you to always remain diligent when shopping for your supplements—look for the CarnoSyn logo on the label.

Referring back to the extensive body of science which supports CarnoSyn usage, here are some of the compelling results found during testing:

  1. Cyclists found that their peak power increased by 11.4% after using CarnoSyn for 8 weeks. For athletes who are already performing well, this can be defined as a significant improvement in performance.
  2. Both men and women were tested over 4 weeks to ascertain total physical work capacity having used CarnoSyn. The findings were that men showed an impressive increase of 16.9% while women showed a 12% increase.
  3. Elite level rowers were able to improve their 2,000 meter sprint time by 4.3 seconds during a 7 week study using CarnoSyn.

Other examples include collegiate football players who found their strength increased significantly when using CarnoSyn along with creatine. High level sprinters saw an improvement in their performance after 4 weeks of CarnoSyn supplementation as their muscle carnosine levels grew significantly. During a 6 week trial, high intensity interval athletes found that their fatigue threshold improved after consistent use of CarnoSyn.

The evidence keeps pointing toward the positive impact CarnoSyn has on muscle carnosine synthesis, which undoubtedly supports better performance in a wide array of athletic pursuits.


During my most challenging bodybuilding workouts, when my intensity is at its peak, or while I’m training for an IRONMAN or Ultra-Marathon, CarnoSyn is an ingredient I use without exception. Not only does it possess undeniable performance enhancing properties, it has an application within any athletic realm. Aerobic and anaerobic performance benefits from improved muscle carnosine synthesis, and CarnoSyn has clearly demonstrated that it has a dramatic effect on this process.

As an educated athlete, remember the importance of comprehensive science in the context of using supplements. CarnoSyn shouldn’t be compared to cheaper sources of beta-alanine as they are not patented and have not undergone the same stringent testing. My recommendation is to only use CarnoSyn when seeking the known benefits of beta-alanine supplementation. CarnoSyn is one of my secrets for fighting fatigue during grueling physical challenges which put my body to the test.

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Kris Gethin

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