You’re hardwired to love colors. The brighter the better. Back in the Fred Flintstone days they were crucial for your survival because they told you if a berry was ripe or poisonous. Get it wrong and there wasn’t an emergency room doctor with good hair waiting to heal you. Instead, you were worm food. Today, colors not only teach you what’s likely to taste good, but they have plenty of gender politics assigned to them. Blue is for boys. Pink is for girls. Except it wasn’t always that way. You’ve been conditioned. Blue used to be feminine. Pink was the masculine ticket to a man’s world. Gender stereotypes may have flipped, but we’re still attuned to bright colors and using them correctly can mean you’ll get more energy for exercise.


Pink Means Go

So, what happens when you drink something pink or brightly colored?  Your subconscious gets a prosthetic tickle that gives you a power up, suggests a new paper in Frontiers in Nutrition. They found a pink drink will increase exercise performance by 4.4% and even make people feel more positive so their sweat session seemed easier. The researchers gave exercisers either a clear drink or a pink one then asked to run on a treadmill. Both drinks were identical in their macro nutrient make up and taste. However, it was the pink drink that helped people run an extra 212 meters. Surprising? Yes, but the universe isn’t experiencing technical difficulties. You’re just more in tune with the power of perception, even if you’re unaware of it. It’s thought the bright pink color amplified the perceived sweetness of the drink, therefore making it seem like more energy was on offer. Fortunately, you can harness this placebo effect to get fitter using smart shopping choices.


Pretty In Pink

With this information in mind, it’s not easy to find healthy neon foods that light up like a Las Vegas strip on a Friday night. Raspberries, watermelons, lime, and passion fruit are natural contenders. However, there is an easier way which involves choosing the right kind of water enhancer. TRULEAN have created single serving packets of Everyday Fit Water Enhancers that curb appetite and boost your metabolism while hydrating you. These colorful options replenish nutrients you may have lost and helps support an active lifestyle. At what cost? Pretty much nothing. They have zero sugar and just 5 calories thanks to a blend of healthy antioxidants and electrolytes. You get all the ingredients you need to enjoy sustained energy, minus any jitters, that increase mental focus so you’re always at the top of your game. For the full effect, make sure you mix it in a big clear glass. Take a long hard look at those bright colors then zap them into your body. The energy kick you’ll be rewarded with won’t discriminate on gender, in fact, you won’t care if you’re training like a man possessed or a woman on fire. You’ll just workout as hard as any human can.