Unfortunately, for most of us, the New Year brings with it a cavalcade of broken promises and failed dreams as more often than not our best intentions for New Year’s Resolutions ultimately crash to the floor like an oversized dead lifter’s barbell.

According to research from the University of Scranton, just 8% of American’s actually achieved their resolutions for 2012. And with losing weight, staying fit, and living a healthy lifestyle all amongst the most popular isn’t it time to change the way you bring in the year?

For a start, forget the word ‘resolutions’ and replace it with ‘goals’. It’s far more accurate for the tasks ahead and is a word that’s used for more in modern vocabulary. So, with advice from the Scranton paper, here are TRAIN’s top five tips to help you with your New Year’s Goals in 2016:


1. One is enough

The worst thing you can do is begin the New Year with a laundry list of challenges. You can’t achieve everything at once, so instead choose one goal and focus on that. Aiming to lose 20lb before summer is achievable. Losing weight, smashing your PBs, getting picked as a starter and improving your diet plan will rarely happen all at once.


2. Tell someone

This may seem strange, but simply telling a loved one of your goal will not only offer them the opportunity to support you, but it will also drive you to succeed to impress them. Or take it a step further by telling all about your goal on social media, and tracking your progress with updates.


3. Power of the pen

Make a note on your cell phone that pops up every morning, or go old school and stick a post-it note to the bathroom mirror – whatever works for you. But regular reaffirmation of a goal is proven to work better than anything else. Just like TRAIN: read it, believe it, do it.


4. Practical = Achievable

Breaking down a goal into smaller steps and ensuring it’s clear and precise is also a trusted method in succeeding. Don’t plan to lose weight, set a weight target. And don’t plan to lose it all in the first fortnight, spread it out over a period of weeks (inside six months) and as you achieve each target along the way, celebrate it.


5. Dangle carrots

Rewarding yourself as you progress is an essential motivational tool in achieving goals. Without the reward it’s tough to remain psychologically strong. Every athlete needs a target to work towards, and mini plateaus towards an overall victory will ensure you win the war not just the first battle.


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