2016 was the year of ‘smashed’ avocado (because we can’t eat one whole), clean eating and food prep, and squats making up 80 per cent of our Instagram feed, and according to Fitness First, 2017 is going to take fitness to a new level.

Lee Matthews, UK Fitness and Marketing Director at Fitness First, believes that next year is going to be all about:

  • Next generation HIIT
  • Ladies keeping on lifting
  • Focusing on form
  • Year of the Tupperware
  • Micro-muscle training
  • Boutique offering at high street prices


1. Next generation HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) shows no sign of slowing down in 2017, with everyone searching for the next challenge to ramp up the intensity of their work outs. However, next year people will be looking to make their workouts more effective.


2. Ladies keep on lifting

With hashtags such as #fitnotthin and #girlgains ranking as firm favourites with fitness bloggers and gym goers, the number of women lifting weights will continue to be a big trend. Next year, we predict there’ll be even more women taking to the lifting platform and squat rack as well as women looking for specialist group and individual coaching to ensure their form is on point!


3. Focus on form

Weight training might help you crack that perfect body but increasingly, gym goers want to be functional as well as strong. In 2017, there’s likely to be a boom in people looking for exercises that aid mobility and form to complement their lifting and muscle building.


4. The year of the Tupperware

Clean Eating Alice didn’t just impress us with her workouts, her love of food preparation also made Tupperware cool. Once an embarrassment to take in to the office, people are now unabashed to turn up at a meeting with specifically prepared meals and preparing a week’s worth of food on a Sunday has now become the norm. Next year, as people’s interest in nutrition looks set to grow, so will their sets of Tupperware!


5. Micro-muscle training

We noticed an increasing number of members training specific muscle groups and splitting their training. Celebrity culture has also had a huge influence on this and whilst in 2016 we received notable interest on how to train glutes, next year we predict that ‘quad gains’ will be more of a focus particularly with female members.


6. Boutique offering at high street prices

With Instagram offering workout inspiration and high street providers offering innovative classes and training, the expectations of the average gym goer have never been higher. Next year, we believe we’ll see larger gym groups taking on the boutique providers with new and exciting classes and equipment.


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