The Game of Thrones and Terminator: Genisys star reveals how she keeps her physique so spellbinding.


TRAIN: You play Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genisys. How did you been prepare physically for that film?

“There’s an immense amount of training and preparation, and it’s all to make it right. It’s definitely the most physical thing I’ve ever done. I spent hours every day in weapons training, just learning how to shoot guns, and then weightlifting, kickboxing, hand-to-hand fighting and stunts – kicking a lot of ass (laughs).

“And my diet was pretty strict, I ate very clean and everything was planned out. And what I love about Sarah Connor is that you basically meet her when she’s coming to terms with being a warrior, of sorts, while understanding herself as a mother as well. Not only a mother, but also the savior of the world. She has a hell of a journey.”


How did your approach to Sarah Connor differ compared to playing Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones?

“Daenerys is more mental for me, it’s about absorbing myself in her. I had to learn how to ride a horse, but other than that there hasn’t been that much training compared to the Terminator movie.

“And with Daenerys… she’s definitely not where she was in the earlier seasons. But then she’s also not where she’ll end up being, finally.

“She’s still growing and learning, and she’s still being asked a lot of – there’s a huge amount of things she (had) to overcome in this season.

“And to be honest, from the first audition Daenerys was kind of in my blood in a really weird way. So I just really absorbed myself more in the books and the script.

“I think her best trait is that she doesn’t make the same mistake twice, and she learns from all of her experiences. I think the thing with Daenerys is that first and foremost she’s a survivor, and that’s something that’s similar to Sarah Connor as well.”


Both the Game of Thrones books and HBO TV series have been enormously successful, why do you think that is?

“I think the story goes beyond any other fantasy show or book series around, and George RR Martin’s imagination is just so huge and so epic. And while it is huge, it’s very representative of real life. It has things everyone can relate to, and if you take the magic out it still stands alone as this incredible show you can watch and enjoy.

“Even if you took away the magic and the fantasy elements it is a powerful piece of drama with intriguing, complex characters. For me, having the magic on top just adds an extra spice to it. It deals with things that are hard to watch and it’s weirdly addictive as well.

“It leaves you wanting more, but it’s still incredibly satisfying. And they hire amazingly talented people to work on it. The characters are so amazing as well; I love Arya and Brienne especially. They’re so strong and interesting.”


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