Because of past failures you could ignore the opportunity to set new goals in the New Year. Or you could figure out why it didn’t work out before, adjust your game plan and dominate your goals in 2019.

When you hear someone talking about making a New Year resolution you probably don’t put too much faith in the fact that the person will successfully see it through. Statistically speaking you’re not wrong because research shows 95% of people who commit to a fitness based resolution give up or fall off by January 15, just 15 days after they start.

But, why? It’s an organic, compounding snowball effect. If you set a goal just because everyone does, when those around you begin to give up on their goals it becomes easy for you to let yourself off the hook and quit too. Setting a goal only because society says you should, is a losing strategy that pretty much guarantees you won’t stay consistent doing what needs to be done to reach your goal.

So make sure you’re doing things for the right reason; it’s critical you identify not only the goal, but why you want to accomplish it. Don’t say you want to lose 30 pounds, rather take the time to understand what that accomplishment will mean to you. State your intentions clearly and specifically. “I will lose 30 pounds by April 1 because by doing so I’ll be more confident, have more energy, be far more productive and look amazing naked!”. Every area of your life will improve from the quality time you spend with your kids, your income and perhaps because you’re finally comfortable and confident with how you look, you’ll finally have the courage to ask your secret crush out on a date. Whatever your goal, make sure you have a purpose attached. This increases the probability of a successful outcome by 500%

See it as an opportunity

It’s not wise to completely discredit or dismiss New Year’s resolutions. Any opportunity to set a new goal and provide some accountability to your health, fitness and quality of life should be embraced, and even cherished. We just need to make sure we set our actions up in such a way that we force the result – and we do that by creating the right mindset coupled with an action plan and expectations. If you take the time to understand why you didn’t stay committed previously, (which is usually the fact you failed to stay consistent and do what you said you were going to do) then you’ll be able to figure out how to do it better this time around – guaranteed.

This time will be different. We have set a new standard for our life. We have committed to a new level of excellence and regardless of how crazy things get, failure is not an option. As for those who scoff at our resolutions, remember, they only do this because of the negative association they developed with the process based on their own failures. Ignore them. In fact, use their doubt, skepticism and negativity as fuel for the days when you “don’t feel like it” and go even harder. The truth is, far more people will be happy for you when they see the changes you make as a result of the hard, consistent work put in. Your improvements will not only be self serving, but will put more positivity in the world and inspire those around you to make positive changes as well.

Most people will not stay the course and follow through on their goals – that’s just reality. Don’t be like most people. Set the bar at an all-time high. Do what you’re supposed to do and not only will your life forever change, but you’ll have the opportunity to help people around you change their lives for the better as well.

Get tangible

You have to write your goals out if you want to see them through to completion and anyone who tells you different you should probably never speak to again. Seriously. Writing your goals out is a mandatory part of this process, it should happen on a daily basis and in such a way as if the goal has already happened. That’s a simple way to dramatically increase the probability of a successful outcome. It is a form of visualization technique that helps you see things happen before they happen and has very powerful effects on the mind.

Well-written goals create a dynamic where you’re forced to visualize them which allows your brain to subconsciously get to work manifesting the desired result. It’s near impossible to accomplish any significant goal without putting it down on paper over and over again. Think of it this way – if you don’t value your goals or deem them important enough to write down, how can you possibly expect that you’ll be willing to do the hard work needed to accomplish them? Writing your goals out daily is part of the work. So get a 99 cent note book and make it happen. Honestly, if you can’t commit to writing your goals out on paper, don’t even bother setting a goal. You’ll save yourself a ton of time, frustration and disappointment.

Break with the past

It’s easy to tell yourself you’ve failed past resolutions and can’t do this or that because “work is too busy”, “you don’t have time” or create some other weak justification not to do the things you know you should be doing. Most people talk themselves out of taking action via an excuse-based narrative which is extremely unproductive and self sabotaging. Change your perspective by ruthlessly accepting responsibility over your past shortcomings, failures and problems, then take ownership over the actions you need to take to solve those problems and create the life you want. Although you might have failed previously, you are not a failure and it doesn’t define you. In reality, it gives you the competitive edge. Because you’ve failed previously you now have valuable insight as well as the opportunity to learn from your prior mistakes. Past failures don’t make you a failure. They tell the world that you learned, got better and were strong enough to get up and get back in the fight.

Embrace what happened in the past. Use it as fuel to drive you to be more consistent, disciplined and hungry this time around.

Don’t Sweat the Slip-ups

Mistakes need to be addressed and then released. Understand at the start that adversity, setbacks and falling off track is part of the process, part of life and will happen at some point. When it happens, acknowledge it immediately and aggressively. Then just like you got off track, get back on track. It’s very important to take note as quickly as possible when these things are happening. People sometimes get so far off track then become overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed and give up on the process. Ban negative thoughts and change your mindset – if you go off track it doesn’t mean the fight is over, it means the fight has just begun. The upgraded, better, stronger, healthier, 2019 version of you is waiting on the other end of the steps outlined above. Go get what you deserve!

EXPERT: Chris Cavallini is an entrepreneur, speaker, U.S Navy veteran and the CEO of Nutrition Solutions