No feat is too big for Chris Brewster. This popular stuntman has been involved in, and is the coordinator for movies such as Avatar and X-Men.

Here’s how Hollywood’s real-life action man amazes on the big screen.

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How Chris Brewster looks after his body

As a stunt performer, I am either rehearsing or filming almost every day for eight-16 hours.

I need to give every stunt everything I have and then recover as much as possible by the next day.

Proper training and nutrition is the only way I can handle the demands of the job and do what I do. I do a lot of fighting on camera, so I am shadow-boxing all day long.

I burn a lot of calories, and put a lot of stress on my body, so I need to constantly fuel and refuel properly in order for my body to keep up.


What is Chris Brewster’s diet?

I am just as strong at the end of the day as the beginning, and I attribute this to my diet and training.

Staying hydrated, and supplying my body with the right proteins to keep muscles from breaking down, along with slow-burning carbs and healthy fats, give me energy to burn; these are the keys to keeping me sharp.

I start every day with scrambled eggs and veggies in a wrap.

My first workout is 9am, normally cardio or HIIT, followed by a protein shake.



For lunch, I stick to lean meats and slow-burning carbs. The second workout is a combination of lifting and flipping to keep me strong and agile.

This lasts anywhere from one-four hours, so I sip on amino acids and have another shake at the end.

For dinner, I eat a lot of protein and veggies. Eating right on my schedule is very difficult, so preparation is key.

I always have two-three mixer cups with one-two scoops of protein.

Depending on where I am, and what I am doing, dictates the other ingredients.

Sometimes, I add a greens powder to make sure I’m getting enough veggies, or oatmeal so that it will keep me feeling full longer.


How I keep my body and mind sharp with food

When you’re injured, most people get depressed and eat unhealthy foods.

I think you should do the exact opposite – eat healthier than ever.

That’s when your body needs the right nutrition the most.

Drink twice as much water as normal, avoid processed foods, fuel yourself with good proteins, carbs and fats.

A few years ago, I tore an Achilles tendon. That injury should have kept me sidelined for a year, but I was flipping two months later.

That wouldn’t have been possible without the right nutrition.


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