Here are your latest kit essentials and with Christmas on the way, this is the best workout gear you can gift to your closest gym buddies.


The best workout gear essentials

Another month of gym and fitness products that will help you better yourself time after time. Take a peek at our top 6 pics for the month of November:


1 The guide to gains


best workout gear - running shoes


Functional footwear is paramount to any form of exercise that you choose to undertake. These Saucony kicks offer a streamlined design with dynamic engineering for enhanced foot flexibility whatever you’re up to.
Saucony Guide 10., £115.


2 Tri, tri and tri again


best workout gear


Multi-discipline sport is one of the best ways to challenge your whole body at once, and this triathlon kit from Le Col will up your performance through its Dolomiti Gel Chamois, flat locked seams and luxury 220g lycra. It’s the ultimate in run, swim and cycle comfort for any athlete.
Le Col HC Bib Shorts., £180.


3 Get a killer core


best workout gear roller


Think you’ve got a strong core? Put it to the test with this affordable roller. Along with the usual comfort choices such as foam handles, this option also includes a double 18cm wheel for stability during your exercise. It’s a challenge that will benefit anyone.
Ab roller and kneeling mat., £9.99.


4 Shake it up


best gym gear - smart shaker


Original is best, and this shaker is no different. It’s got more than just the standard drink containment, as it’ll also store your pills, nuts or other small items in multiple compartments. Don’t like blue? Choose from nine color options in total. It’s 600ml of gains and more. SmartShake Original, £5.47.


5 Belt up and lift big


best gym gear - belt


Made from genuine suede leather, this belt is perfect for powerlifters who want to reach their peak performance with any weight. Check the website below for sizing, but the belt itself is 10cm wide and 9mm thick. Thick and substantial, it’s got your 1RM written all over it.
Schiek competition belt., £57.99


6 Music for muscle

best gym gear headphones


Sleek and subtle styling mean that these headphones will be as suitable in the gym as they are at home or anywhere on the move.
If you’re a tech-head when it comes to tunes, they offer a frequency response of 20-20000 HZ, 101DB sensitivity and 60 OHM impedance, too.
Intempo Hubbub ’phones, £39.99.


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