Our pick of the most durable, functional and best water bottles for gym use that’ll keep you hydrated and on target to reach all your fitness goals.


Best for muscle hiker – Contigo’s Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle

Its lid automatically seals between sips to eliminate annoying leaks. Plus, it features a pocket to carry your keys, money and gym pass in, making it one of the best water bottles for gym that you’ll find.

£43.88 amazon.co.uk


Best for the climber – Clean Bottle’s Square Bottle

Its square shape means it won’t roll off a rocky outcrop. Plus, there’s an ergonomic grip for easy carrying and different fittings, like a fruit infuser, to boost your energy.

£7.99 cleanbottle.com


Best for the CrossFitter – Hydro Flask 21oz Standard Mouth

Comes with a range of attachments to fit your gob. Made from pro- grade stainless steel, it’ll keep your liquid frosty for up to 24 hours, great for when you’ve just done a gruelling CrossFit WOD.

£19.30 luckyvitamin.com


Best for the runner – Bubi Bottle

Made from silicone so when you’ve done squeezing it to rehydrate, you can scrunch it, roll it and store it in a pocket of your bag. Perfect for when you’re travelling with all your fit gear.

£11.20 bubibottle.com


Best for the tech head – Vessyl

Pour in any liquid and it’ll track the calories, protein and sugar content. If you like to add extras to water like lemon juice or a dash of salt for extra hydration, this will tell you exactly where you stand.

£65 myvessyl.com


Best for the outdoors – GRAYL Quest with Trail Filter

If you get thirsty on the rapids, dunk this in the river and let it filter the water in just 15 seconds. Its patented triple-charged mesh removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria.

£39.79 thegrayl.com


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