As Brooke Erickson struts out on stage wearing little more than a tiny competition bikini and fake tan, it’s hard to imagine her as a woman who has spent the majority of her life wrestling with her body shape.

Here are five techniques from the title-winning fitness athlete on how to beat the workout blues:


1. Don’t take it so seriously

You are in the gym or joined a boot camp to improve your life through health. If you take it too seriously every single day you will get burnt out and that
certainly won’t help you sculpt the physique you desire.


2. Ask a friend to join you

Or better yet, ask to join a friend. One of the biggest obstacles most gym-goers face is getting stuck in a rut, but when you introduce someone new to the scene, or when you allow yourself to train outside your box, it will bring an element of surprise to your everyday routine.


3. Be prepared to go the extra mile and push yourself in the gym.

There is no greater feeling than doing something you never thought you could. So don’t hesitate to put some extra weights on the barbell. Making that extra effort is what separates the champions in this world from the also-rans. It’s only by really applying yourself that you can discover the person you truly are. A life unexplored is a life
not lived.


4. It might just be time to hit the reset button

If you are tired, hungry, cranky and sore, reduce your weight on all of your lifts and give your body a small break. When you are feeling recharged you will come back stronger than ever.


5. Remind yourself that you are in it for the long haul.

Going to the gym shouldn’t be a quick fix. You didn’t get to the body you have now overnight and whatever your goal may be will take time to achieve. Make the commitment to never quit so you never have to start over.


Check out Brooke’s BodySpace page for more details on her amazing fitness journey.