The holidays aren’t exactly know for the time of year where you progress in your fitness journey.

Why not buck the trend? Here are the best Xmas and new year tech gifts to keep you on track with your fitness goals this holidays and into 2018.

Grab these gifts for yourself or your fitness crazy friends and family


Tangram Smart Rope Pure




If you live in a cold climate as most of us do in the festive season (Ozzie’s need not apply – you’ll have to wait for your summer,) you may be snowed in.

If there’s no chance of you braving the cold to get to the gym, a jump rope could be just your ticket to staying fit this Xmas.

There’s just one problem; most jump ropes have no way of measuring progress. Sure, you can time yourself, but no two bouts of skipping will be the same.

How do you know you’re progressing, if you’re not tracking? No tracking, no progress.

How do you know that your ten minute skip is just as intense as your 5 minute skip used to be last month? You don’t.

Cue, the Tangram Smart Rope.

This rope gives you nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. You can’t half-ass a 10 minute skip and pretend you killed it.

The Smart Rope tracks each and every revolution of the rope, and the app stores all of your workout data.

This is a true measure of progress and to achieve it, the Smart Rope will make you work for it.

The app contains workouts, interval programs, competitions against every user in the world and more.

It tracks your jump count, previous workouts, calories burned, time elapsed and how you’re progressing towards the fitness goals you set.

You charge the rope via a usb cable, which sounds like a drag, but a quick 2 hour change gives you a month and a half’s worth of use. Not too shabby at all.

Grab this Tangram Smart Rope Pure this holiday season. Treat yourself or a family member with this cool bit of tech.


Withings Aura

$139 (with the sleep sensor)


Xmas Gadgets Aura


At first glance this looks like a cross between a traffic light and an alarm clock. Just a little more stylish.

Far from a fashion accessory though, if you’re not very good at catching the Zzz’s this Xmas, pay attention. The Withings Aura is for you.

This lamp, alarm clock and speaker in one aims to fix you up with a good night’s sleep and boy does it work hard for you.

You can purchase it in conjunction with a sleep sensor that fits under your mattress (recommended) which monitors and analyses your sleeping patterns.

The LED lamp provides just the right color as you’re falling asleep and the speaker hits the “Goldilocks” zone with some beautiful sounds to help you doze off.

These two things combined help the release of a hormone called melatonin. Known as the sleep hormone.

In the morning, you’ll be treated to the reverse. Gone are the days of being startled and rudely interrupted from your peaceful slumber by an unwelcome alarm clock.

The lamp slowly increases light and sound to caress you back into a new day. You can even program your own playlist if you wish.

That’s not all. The Aura will also monitor your environment like the temperature, light and sound levels to ensure you’re in the perfect sleep environment.

Once you download the sleek Aura app, you’ll see where the magic happens. You’ll receive feedback on your sleeping cycles, heart rate and breathing.

The Aura will then make recommendations based on the data and you’ll see how well your sleep is progressing over time.

TrustedReviews said, “with the TV turned off and the lights illuminating the room with the sounds of crashing waves – I was able to drift off to sleep comfortably.

Waking offered a similar experience. As the TrustedReviews team is well aware, I’m not a morning person. However, the gentle smart alarm worked wonders”


H20 Pal

$99 – H20Pal


Xmas Gadgets


There’s no doubt at some point during the holidays, you’ll be stumbling into the office with the effects (and probably the smell) of alcohol lingering around.

The H20 Pal could be your savior in this instance. At first glance, it looks like a bog standard water bottle, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find it to be a companion that you can’t do without.

It syncs up with your smartphone to track your water intake and hydration levels. If you’re anything like many people working a busy lifestyle in the city, you know that water is the first thing often forgetten.

Your H20 pal will send you a timely nudge to remind you that you aren’t hydrated enough and ensures you’re operating at the optimal levels that being hydrated allows.

Not only that, the H20 Pal app will provide you with a personalized hydration goal rather than the cookie cutter recommendations out there.

It’s also a motivator, rather than just a taskmaster. It’ll give you a pat on the back as well as cracking the whip as it stores how well you’ve progressed with your water intake over time.

A must for anyone who forgets to get their essential fluids in.


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