Our June issue is officially on the shelves, so we’ve round up of our favorite features from the month that’ll have you running to the shops.


1. Glute gains for all

CrossFit is a great workout, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s weakness is not being able to activate the glutes. These exercises will be help strengthen your problem areas and, if practiced twice a week, you’ll reap the rewards fast.


2. Eat to live

Exercise celebrity and all around good guy, Furious Pete, refuses to let anything stop him – even testicular cancer. With bundles of personality and a kick-ass outlook on life, his energy is infectious. Follow his advice and you too, can change your life for the better.


3. 8 steps to boost your man strength today

You might have muscles that wink back at you in the mirror, but do you have the strength of a farmer? Probably not. But don’t fret, our exercises will make sure you boost your overall strength and get fitter.


4. Balancing fitness

Valera Belov is the king of multi-tasking. Not only is he balancing his studies with his sports, but he is improving his fitness and excelling at it all, too.


5. 15 ways to lift more than your bodyweight

If an ant can lift 50 times its bodyweight, what’s your excuse? It’s usually a goal of most gym goers, to pick up a bar that weighs more than they do, but how do you achieve that goal? Read and find out.


6. Quality control your nutrition

If you think you can’t grow fresh fruit and veg because you don’t own a garden, think again. We show you how to utilize your home to grow foods that not only make a great addition to a salad, but are great for your health.


7. Miracle juice

Water is good for you, but how good? Is it actually as hydrating as it claims to be and is the quality of the water we’re drinking up to scratch? TRAIN takes a big sip and finds out the truth about H2O.


8. The biggest unsolved crime in fitness

Everyone goes on about organic food, but we decided to find out if an all-organic diet lives up to the hype. This relentlessly abused marketing ploy is used to boast bigger sales over non-organic produce, but are the rumors true?


9. Warm-up at work

Sitting down all day does nothing for your back except create pain. Just a few simple exercises can help avoid frustrating back issues in the future. You can do it all without even removing your tie.


10. In it for the long haul

No one likes cardio. It can be boring and repetitive, but it’s essential to your fitness goals. Brandan Fokken walks you through how to make the most of your cardio time and how to make sure it’s not just a fad.


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