Our May issue is officially on the shelves, so we’ve round up of our favorite features from the month that’ll have you running to the shops.

1. The Golden Age Of Gains

75-year-old Frank Zane, who never weighed more than 200lb in his competitive prime, was way ahead of his time. Follow his advice and you too could achieve a timeless physique. You’re welcome.


2. The 7 Stages Of Any Age Training

As we grow older, our training is bound to take its toll. Our bodies aren’t the same as our 20-year-old selves (as much as we wish they were). In order to keep moving we need to stop training harder and start training smarter. Age training expert, Kevin Kearns, offers seven training variables that will give you a body that won’t give up on you.


3. Social Media Muscle

Lex Griffin is a man who knows how to work a crowd, even if they’re virtual. His insane following online is a testament to his relatability as well as his knowledge. With 350K Instagram followers and almost as many YouTube  subscribers, Lex’s huge influence in the fitness community is undeniable. TRAIN sat down with him as he shared the rules that he lives by.


4. Broken To Buff

Pat Magno was a broken man. His taxing job left him depressed, sluggish and unmotivated to get a hold of his health. After spotting Bodybuilding.com’s Transformation Challenge online, with a $250K cash prize, Pat couldn’t say no to this opportunity. His transformation not only gave him a great body, but a new and positive outlook on life.


5. Punch-proof To The Core

If you’re smashing your arms and killing your legs but having trouble defining your core then perhaps it’s time to try an MMA approach. Michael Chandler, Bellator MMA Lightweight World Champion, has put together a full body workout that will help you gain strength and power from head to toe.


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6. Time Is Health

We all set personal targets. Maybe they’re for a month’s time, a year’s time, but what about in a minute or an hour? There are always things we can be doing to improve our future self. TRAIN has put together a healthy actions timeline that will have you working between targets and help you utilize your time.


7. Man vs Machine

As robots start taking over the world (think cashiers, factory workers, even mixologists), we investigate whether they’re also taking over our fitness. What are we gaining by opting for the treadmill over a run in the park and what, more importantly, are we losing?


8. Punch Above Your Weight

You probably never thought you’d be saying boxing and yoga in the same sentence but, we promise you, it’s a thing. BoxingYoga fuses these two disciplines into an exercise that will leave you both strong and flexible. Try this workout and, before you know it, you’ll be leaner and more limber.


9. Cookie Cutter Diet Upgrade

We know that no diet can ever be a ‘one-size fits all’ plan but, for a diet to be successful, it needs variety that will both fuel your workouts and taste awesome. We have created a week’s worth of food that will leave you feeling energized and inspired.


10. Using This Month’s Workouts

Are you tired of picking up fitness mags and being overwhelmed by the number of workouts in one issue? Upper body, lower body, full body. Where do you even begin? We’ve heard your woes and created an easy-to-follow guide on how to utilize all of this issue’s workouts into a 13-week plan.


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