You may not be crushing new PBs with your routine now you’re over 40, but focus on better form using these key mods and train each muscle smarter.

Personal trainer, Maik Wiedenbach shows you how to advance in age and muscle using these strength building tactics for staying in shape minus injury.



Always pull from the elbows, not the wrist. This ensures you are using the lats first, biceps second.



When pressing, don’t push the bar straight up but try to bend it together. Imagine you are pushing yourself into the bench and the weight goes up as a result of it. Both of these pointers will help you avoid shoulder recruitment.



When working your medial or posterior delts, have the elbows lead the motion, not the hands to minimize trap involvement.



When curling, keep your wrist neutral and wrap the thumb under the bar. Try to ‘snap the bar in half’ when using any kind of a bar.



Put the elbow slightly behind the body in order to assure you benefit from a maximum stretch.



Push your hips downwards when doing hamstring curls. If you are using the leg press for single leg press, have a downward intention as if trying to slide the heel off the machine to so your hamstrings are fully engaged.



Avoid changing the angle in your knees during calf raises, otherwise they become mini squats.


Increase your frequency

Your muscles don’t stay in an anabolic state if you train them just once a week. You’re better off splitting your workouts for a muscle group over two to four sessions over the course of a week. For your bigger muscle groups aim to do a total of 24 sets each week and 12 sets for your smaller muscles.


Do the new kind of warmup

This involves three steps. The first is to foam roll for five minutes on all your main muscles. Next, to prep and create length in your target body part, train its antagonistic muscle. So if you’re training biceps, start with 12 reps of light triceps extensions. Finally, do one move that sets an optimal mind-muscle connection and pump with your target muscle. Now crack on with your workout.


Get pampered

You’re probably better off financially than you were in your 20s, so make sure that you treat yourself to some additional recovery methods. A good massage therapist and acupuncturist are worth their weight in gold if it means you stay injury free and comfortable, so visit them at least each month – you only live once.


Maik Wiedenbach is 40 year old NYC NASM personal trainer, two tide world cup and Olympic-level swimmer.


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